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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Prince William tips off Ed Sheeran Against Performing With Wayne Rooney

Ed Sheeran reportedly was taken aback when Prince William warned him against doing any further musical acts with Wayne Rooney.

The British singer and songwriter whose real name is Edward Christopher performed in a sing-along with the British football player that was captured on a video.  The video became a popular engaging the 23yrs old singer somewhere in the hours of darkness with Wayne Rooney. Even if the video was cherished as laughable and side-splitting but  it appears that Prince William didn't like it.

The British singer claimed that he expressed his view when he met Rooney during Royal Variety Performance last week. Talking to a British newspaper, Ed said that Prince William didn't tip him off instead he chuckled over the duet and said 'Er, no more duets with Wayne Rooney,’

'I suppose they have a man that prepares them so they have one thing to talk about,' he strong-willed. 'He was familiar with a little regarding all the people he met before me ' it's a wonderful ability. I was like: 'Thanks for having me, friend. Nice one.' I don't know if they're fans. Do royals have iPods and things like that?'

The reports also claim that the British sportsman is a passionate fan of Ed Sheeran and always wanted to have some time with his favorite star. Luckily he got the wonderful chance for what he wanted after a party followed by one of the Ed's gigs.

'Wayne has been trying to come to a show of mine for three years,' Ed Sheeran EXPLAIN. According to ‘wish you were here’ hit maker, Wayne booked him for his birthday party, but he had a live performance the same time. Later Wayne's wife arrived at his show, and told him that her husband was coming down to Manchester with many friends.

Coleen, the wife of the British football player arranged the late night get-together so Wayne could meet Ed. They went for a small tavern where the musical event took place that was out of everyone’s depth.

‘Coolen asked if I could come with them after my gig. I told her that I didn't feel like going to a club, but Wayne also doesn't like clubs, so the couple chose a lovely grimy tavern that just did Jagerbombs and beer,' The singer recalled. We had Chris Smalling, Wretch 32, Example, and other friends.'

They had lots of fun till 4’o clock of the morning at the same pub. Then they all went to Ed's hotel room where they finished their party around 7am.

Thanks to many websites offering free video uploads that allowed someone from the people there to bring the video to the internet and countless visitors watched the unruly duo. But Ed says that Prince William didn't in fact watch the video and was just told about it in advance so he'd have a chatting matter.

Whatever facts were behind this all, it is evident that Ed Sheeran had a tough time while dealing with the Prince matter.

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