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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Angus Young Reveals About Malcolm’s Illness

Angus Young of the Australian rock band AC/DC unveils when it originally became obvious that his brother Malcolm wasn't in good health at the time as they were preparing lyrics for their hit album 'Black Ice' back in the year of 2008.

Angus spoke of many things while talking to the ABC's 7.30 program. He said that while he made 'Black Ice' with his band and was busy in songwriting together with band members it came in plain sight. It was just eccentric things. Memory things. Malcolm was a very organized person and it was very first time when they were seeing him disorganized and quite perplexed about many things.

‘That was the time it actually made me notice that something was wrong'. Angus recalled.

The Scottish-born Australian guitarist told the ABC program that things began to worsen when they were actually doing the album and things became even more prominent. Malcolm also started being mystified just travelling anywhere. Later he was diagnosed with shrinkage of the brain. Angus told that he then asked Malcolm if he wanted to keep doing this. He also said his brother not to do this if he didn't feel himself capable but he replied as he would keep going till he couldn't.

Angus looked sadden while the ABC's Ben Knight. 'Malcolm kept on working until the new album 'Rock Or Bust', he contributed with the songs until he was capable to do so.' Angus added.

Angus and Malcolm both did songwriting together and according to the songwriter they all time were bouncing off each other. He also said that people will get to know about 'Highway To Hell' when It would bounce on them in their cars and so they would get in the practice room and he would get the guitar and say 'Mal I've got this'.

I would play the harmony and I would go 'Mal, now'. He really did the hit. He was right he couldn't think of another chord he'd play.

The English singer and songwriter Brian Johnson who is the lead singer of AC/DC has the same opinion that the lively band changed in the studio for 'Rock Or Bust'. He said, ‘it was a weird feeling because the colleague more who was there for the last 35 years was no longer playing with us, and off course for Angus, it meant a little more as Malcolm was his brother and his work-mate'.

Malcolm's illness was like the end of AC/DC. It was something that Brian wanted Angus to decide about.  That was a decision Brian left to Angus to make because he believed that Malcolm and Angus were the men who formed these riffs since the time they were school boys. Although Brian really thought for a quite long time that Angus would say he's ending everything as he don't want to do it without Malcolm and he was okay with it but  I would have understood perfectly but mercifully nothing happened like that.

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