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Monday, November 17, 2014

Taylor Swift Gives a Platinum Shine to Gloomy Album Sales

Last Wednesday, 1989 turned out to be the strongest pop turn for Taylor Swift as it roared straight to the top of the Billboard 200 album chart. This is the biggest opening week to be seen in nearly a dozen years and definitely a good thing for the declining albums sales industry. According to the compiled figures, 1989 sold about 1.3 million copies, especially because it was backed by weeks of TV appearances and the number one hit ‘Shake it off’. Not only does 1989 goes platinum by selling more than a million units, but it has also become the top-selling album to be released this year.

After 2002, when the rapper Eminem released ‘The Eminem Show’, this album has had the best opening week, but even then it may not mean much to the recording industry, which is struggling with the sudden consumer shift from physical albums to streaming services. An analyst said that this means a lot to Taylor Swift, but doesn’t mean much to the music industry. She is the last human who actually can move such albums. As opposed to last year, album sales are 13% low and even in 2013; they had declined by 8%.

Taylor came out on top, beating others including the Now 52 compilation that held the second positon, Motevallo, Sam Hunt's single at third, My Dream Duets of Barry Manilow at fourth and Old Boots, New Dirt of Jason Aldean. The country singer was ahead by nearly a million albums. Social media was leveraged by the 24-year old Grammy winner to market her most pop-oriented and fifth album to date including sharing photos on Twitter of her fans posing with the album.

In addition, the singer has also thumbed her nose at the popular and online music streaming service called Spotify, which is growing quite rapidly. According to a source from, this week, she removed her whole album from the platform, which puzzled quite a lot of analysts. Analysts said that this was an indication that a lot of work had to be done in the music industry. Only the area of streaming services is showing growth and a lot of people are of the opinion that this is the future of the music industry. In the past few weeks, Taylor Swift appeared several times on television, which included being a mentor to contestants on The Voice, the popular TV singing contest on NBC. This is the one of the most coveted promotional platforms of the music industry.

Favorable reviews have been garnered by the album for the singer who decided to shed her country root and opt for pop music, which has a more wider and global appeal. Analysts said that the most important factor is exposure of the music to those fans who will buy merchandise and concert tickets and support in other ways. Last year, the country singer’s world tour earned about $131 million, which is around $2.5 million per concert. She will start another tour in the coming year in May. 

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