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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Scorcher Comes Up With 'No One Else'

Scorcher has been privileged with a nomination at MOBO Awards for the video to his latest hit track 'Work Get It'.  Perhaps it was the show of happiness for being nominated or a desire and dedication to get more, English grime artist and actor  decided to release the follow up song, 'No One Else' in the end of the following month.
A harmonious and fascinating beat from Young Kye, Scorcher lays down a charismatic vocal that will make you love this song. The melody and words of 'No one Else' together promise to keep you lost in their magic and a prominent fascination.
Scorcher possesses an account of creating mix tapes that are happened to be the symbols of excellence in the grime vista of the United Kingdom. The singer spoke of releasing new EP, '1 Of 1' that is built on a solid base.
His previous track 'Work Get It' was a universal hit and the sound of its success loudly hit different charting on various music channels.  iTunes hip hop chart, FM and MTV positioned the song in top ten hit list for many weeks. Keeping the success story in mind, every soul seems to be looking at Scorcher to see if 'No One Else' is gonna repeat the history.
Expressing his views over the release of his upcoming track 9 EM, Scorcher said that he was trying to make composition people can live with beyond having it in just for clubs, radio, or car. He said that he was trying to get people into his world and live in it as its part just like IMAX. 
17th November isn’t afar to get 'No One Else' in your hands. The follow up track is from the '1 of 1' EP that will be released on November, 24, 2014. The vocalist indicates to have it launched at the famous Jazz Cafe where fans and friends will be given the sample the EP live. It’s an evening to be expected with to be chock-a-block and full of guest appearances and amusement.
Scorcher lovers can purchase tickets from the Jazz Cafe, London to watch their favorite star rocking live.

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