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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Reviewing Bill Nelson’s ‘After The Satellite Sings’

Music lovers do struggle with Bill Nelson. He is undeniably a versatile, endowed star, and many times, leaves you with numerous questions on his albums. All he creates is positively awe-inspiring but again, it is not easy sometimes to understand where his music comes from and where he takes the listeners. It perhaps not his problem, but he makes his listeners work to be aware of him.

Same goes for 'After The Satellite Sings’- an unbelievable collection of excellent beats and harmony making you work and is definitely worth so. The latest creation is maybe his finest job, and despite it yells Polymath at the zenith of its sound it really pays off.

The album from start to end is magnificent and Nelson has brilliantly samples and electro rhythms. You would come across some moments reminding you of Bowie at his best but also takes of melody that is spectacular in their bravery.

According to Bill Nelson, he recorded the album 25 days later from the time when he got to the studio and had no note or lyric written. And listeners can sense that intensity of activity about the album. In addition to that, it will also hold together in such manner a body can only do if it drives from a flow of endless awareness and realization by any other influences.

The singer dedicates his latest album to Jack Kerouac as he believes the personality as “the saintly presence". The album has the stream and the unity of ‘On The Road’ or ‘Desolation Angels’ however the non-cog won’t get it as a damn because of that gush. He added.

"After the satellite sings" is a collection of such a melody that should be listened to in the way it was lyricist. Listen it in a stream and without having jumped around for the most excellent bits. This is the album that will make you want to listen to Bill Nelson.

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