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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jessie J Speaks Of Being In Love

Jessie J is not anonymous to the music world and music lovers. Though, it seems that the 26yrs old songwriter is more interested in romance than releasing a new track in recent times.

A few days back, she posted her picture with the American singer Luke James on social media confirming her crush on the R&B star.

During a magazine interview that was apparently taken before Jessie and Luke romantically linked to each other, the British singer talked about her feelings towards love and romance. She says that she feels like she is at a point where she doesn't like to be with someone for the sake of it. Any man she meets now, she is like if he is a husband or a dad. According to Jessie, she wants to be a universal superstar and a mother and a wife.

Answering the question why she likes to be a wife, she expressed the joy her mother has been blessed with. She just tries to fall in love as much as she could. "Everyone that I've dated to, that I have slept with... I loved the feelings of being in love", she went on.

Those who have been updating themselves with Jessica, remember the moment when she spoke of dating men and women while her debut album release in 2011. She was boiling when she was called her bisexuality a temporary episode, but the hot singer doesn't have any regrets for this act of her.

Jessica told the magazine that she was for love whoever wanted to love. She just got to a point where she realized that it might affect her life and her career. Though she was famous as something but she never mentioned that she was.

I really don't want a label on me. I have always sought for forgiveness if I have hurt anyone; I just never meant to, she insisted.

Jessie admires her popularity for her strong opinions including body confidence matters. Many people vow her to stay confident, straight forward, and honest.  The singer had commented on some banging publications to alter her appearance using Photoshop.

This is something that pisses her off because she believes that she can't be honest if her picture is continually being edited.

She mentioned having admired herself in the way, God made her. She was depressed for the people conforming themselves through plastic surgery.

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