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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nicky Says She Is A Shy Soul

Nicki surprises people admitting her shyness at some points of her music journey. The American singer is not an unfamiliar person for exposing herself. She is often found to be in sexy
and revealing outfits.  

It's just a few days ago when at the red carpet of the American Music Awards 2014, the hot rapper disclosed that she feels shy at many times of her career. Talking to a music magazine, Nicki said that she feels shy many times actually and people aren't aware of that. "I just try to overcome this shyness.” she added.

Replying the magazine's question of what makes the 31yrs old lady shy, Nicky said that she gets scared when she is away from her family and those who love her the most. She also shared her intentions to go back to the east coast just to keeping herself grounded and around the family.

She wants to see her little brother growing up a little more as it's good for the soul. An insider told to the magazine.

Though Nicky plans really big at this phase of her life, she is going to release her latest album soon and off course! She has to be PUMPED for that.

"I'm actually thrilled this time and feeling proud of my upcoming creation The Pinkprint." The hot rapper shared her views about her upcoming album coming out on 15 December 2014.

According to Nicky, her album shows lots of growth. She is confident that her friends will appreciate the subject matter with many of the tracks. "I am convinced with the quality and maturity the album Oscar going to exhibit", she added.

The outspoken songwriter is famous for known the FLAMBOYANT LYRICAL style and fashion.

The singer denies the rumors being spread that she is retiring after her third album is released. "It's not possible", she confirmed. "I may retire after my fifth album and that's so far from today.

Nicki by birth belongs to Trinidad and Tobago but was grown up in New York City. The musician has also spent some time in Los Angeles and now thinks that it's right time to go back home.

"I just need a break", she gushed.

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