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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Jennifer Lopez Says That She Realized The Purity To Love

The versatile American celebrity, Jennifer Lopez believes in living both her personal and professional lives in an excellent fashion so she stays balanced at both parts. Not to forget that the 45yrs old, dancer has three failed marriages and some prestigious relationships with Puff Daddy and Ben Affleck. Despite experiencing the said affairs, Jennifer doesn't feel too modest about what has gone and it’s because of her children who according the actress have made her learn a sentiment she never understood existed.

The American singer & fashion designer said that when she had her children, she realized what type of love it was. 'My children made me understand that it was a pure love' she whispered.

Born on July 24, 1969, Jennifer shared her feelings with the Today Show during the releasing ceremony of her new book 'True love'. According to the author,  everyone in their lifetime feels special about someone, where they don't want hurting those they love, and just want to protect them.

'It made me move on', Jennifer said. 'But it's not that emotion, I have been experiencing.'

Jennifer's children, 6 yrs old twins Max and Emme are from her third marriage with Marc Anthony who is an American singer and a co-producer. They spent seven years with each other and were separated in 2011. Since the former couple is on good terms, the songwriter finds it awkward to enlighten how it goes to her children. 

Jennifer went on expressing as it was funny when her children inquired about what happened with their parents.  'My children are six now. I reply them with a few things, and then I say, 'When you are grown-up I will clarify it to you.'

The singer hopes for her children getting the answers from the book she wrote. Jennifer feels blessed for their love as well as loving them. She said that having her children in her life really made her go over what she was doing with her life, and the relations  and the choices she was making in associations at times, that only had to do with herself, not with someone else."

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