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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Adele and Gaga to Record A Song

Adele and Lady Gaga are reported to team up for recording a female song of praise on the New Year. The British singer-songwriter and the American singer and songwriter are enjoying massive musical success and soon set to join each other at the end of following year.

The rumor has it that both the celebrities are random friends and often enjoy telephonic chitchat with each other.

Adele’s close sources unveil that she is already working on the lyrics of the song and passes her most of her time with her 2yrs old son Angelo.

Adele is a huge fan of Lady Gaga and believes she is unvalued as a real singer and songwriter. According to some unconfirmed sources of a British newspaper, claims that Adele and Gaga plan to join the studio together in Los Angles on the New Year.

The British singer has already started working on the track that she believes would come up with piano-led double act and would be loved by her fans. ‘It’s just the beginning and I am not sure it’ll compose the album.’ Adele explained. She plans to release the track only if it’s dazzling and could do justice to both the ladies however it undoubtedly has the potential to be a classic.

On the other hand, Gaga has already spent a massive time with her Art-Rave. She had an Artpop Ball tour in the USA earlier this year, and is just back from France after some pre-scheduled gigs. The American singer also had her jazz album recording with Tony Bennett and the duo cherished working as one.

The legendry Tony also appeared to be a fan of Gaga’s voice. While talking to British TV show, the singer said that the moment he started rehearsing with Gaga he realized how beautiful singer she is. His fans love the album and everything on it. The album is full of smooth jazz tracks, and they tied over their mutual artistic legacy. Tony was asked if he had any creative difference with Gaga, he explained as that they both are Italian Americans and understand each other, therefore, no difference. Gaga also seconded his statement saying ‘that’s true.’

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