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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Will 'London Queen' by Charli XCX Rock?

Charli XCX’s latest track London Queen has been unveiled to the music world and it yet to check how high or low it goes.  The song features on her new album ‘Sucker’ that has experienced a delayed release and now will be coming out on 26th of January, 2015.

22-yrs English pop singer announced delaying of ‘Sucker’ which was just going to arrive on 17th October, 2014; and revealed the secret why the release was postponed. Publicizing the album on Tweeter, Charli stated that she learnt from the success of ‘Boom Clap’ that the new album must be launched shiningly and gleaming on a new day.

Charli seemed confident about the success of her forthcoming album. She also spoke of her admiration of Justin Raisen revealing him as one of the finest producers of the time. She stated that she would never blow the fuck up in her life taking a song that is almost been jotted down on the paper.

While expressing her thoughts about ‘London Queen’, Charli mentioned that this is an amazing song and she feels that it is all about her. She also hummed her one of songs ‘future Ramones’ from her new album.

Charli XCX who is also a famous songwriter, spoke of her future intention enlightening that she would use the LP to prove herself as a solo performer after co-singing with Iggy Azalea and giving lyrics for Icona Pop.  She is impatient to write some song for her own album as she believes that she has done a lot of collaborations for others and now it’s time to go for herself only.

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