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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Musicians and Singers Make Their Part For War Child Auction

Artists also have a heart for others. They are gods of entertainment who often help needy in the way, ordinary persons even can’t think of. Sometimes by arranging a charity show, organizing an auction of their personal belongings or even by donating a huge amount, some of artists have appeared to be really special.

Almost similar genre of act came in view when today’s famous celebrities like Iggy Pop, Michael Stipe got design custom guitars intending to hand over for a charity auction that will be take place this year in November to benefit War Child Organization, USA. This is a humanitarian organization that aims to help children and young people belonging or residing in the regions of armed clash.

Besides the celebrities stated above, former guitarist Pearl Thompson, film producer Sam Taylor Wood and some other artist from visual spectrum also made their own axes for the auction.

Michael Stipe crafted an exclusive guitar that has six-string. The singer named his creation as Radiant Guitar because he is truly convinced with the mission of helping needy and effected young people in war’s region. Stipe believes that no one specially no child should go through the difficulties and pains war brings to the life and who already have gone through these circumstances should now be living in a peaceful world where everything is right in their hands. Stipe felt honored to make a small contribution to the cause and was thankful to the organization for providing him that opportunity.

Having the same desire, the American musician & film director Van Sant handed over his untitled guitar to the organization and spoke of his views about the organization’s efforts. Sant's views on the cause weren't different than what Stip mentioned in his feelings. He observed the truth of a mystery behind the connection people have to each other and the capability to react to wrong. According to Sant, art is one of the possible ways to use as a medicine on these mysteries, and this was something for him too during the process of this project. He was grateful for being able to contribute in a response and to support the organization. 

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  1. Artists are the asset of society and offcourse they play very important role in the society in different ways.


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