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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Russell Brand Recalls His Marriage Life With Katy Perry

There is a saying that love has no boundaries and we see many examples of celebrities who even regardless of their nationalities fall in love with each other and soon tie a knot too. But, unfortunately to many celebrities, marriage and divorce are like playing with toys or a time pass amusement.  

One of the examples of such star couples is the former duo of the American singer Katy Perry and the British comedian Russell Brand, who fell in love, dated each other, and got married. Though their marriage hardly sustained for 14 months and the apparently happy couple decided to go apart and separated their ways.

The 39 yrs old actor filed a divorce in the end of 2011. But despite their relationships couldn't last, he opened his lips saying that it wasn't all bad.

Russell revealed his feelings about the weeded life while giving an interview to Matt Lauer on the Today Show this Monday.  He said that he really enjoyed his marriage life with Perry. According to the humorist, his ex wife is an amazing person.

He admitted that he never realized about the work before that goes into a marriage once honeymoon is over.

Their relationship began when 29 years old singer threw a water bottle at Russell's head from across the room while they were rehearsing for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. They engaged same year on New Year eve in India and got married in October 2009. Their marriage was celebrated in typical and traditional Hindu style.

According to the British comedian when a couple gets married, they obviously have so many expectations from each other. But if these expectations don't go in one's favor, he should understand that now it's time to grow a big beard and consider walking around in pajamas.

After the former couple officially divorced each other in July 2012, Russell dated columnist and activist Jemima Khan; however, sources confirm that the duo is no longer together.

In the meantime Katy had been involved in an on-off relationship with singer John Mayer but once again they chose on split. Lately the singer was also seen dating DJ Diplo.

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