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Friday, October 17, 2014

Ariana Grande Clears Up An Old Concern About Herself

Ariana Grande is swollen with pride for switching to healthier choices after once being fanatical by Halloween masks and a hockey stick.

The American singer, songwriter and actress embarked on her singing career on a cruise ship at sporting events, and with different orchestras in South Florida.

Ariana is famous for her unique style, attractive personality, admirable singing and rocking feats during live gigs. She might be perusing a career path in the industry where she deals with many speculations circling her life. Like other stars in the showbiz galaxy, Ariana enjoys lots of rumors on regular basis but she usually doesn't care. Clearing up about that one concern of her life was something she always wanted to do.

Revealing the secrets for switching to healthier choices, the vocalist spoke of her memories. 'My mom was concerned about my growing up', she reminisced.

Ariana makes no secrets of how her lifestyle was so concerning that her mom feared that her daughter would become a serial killer but the luck helped and things have happen to well again now.

While talking to Alan Carr in a British talk show, the 21 yrs old songster described her as she was a little weird personality. According to her she had a moment in time where she was used to wear a lot of Halloween masks and carry a hockey stick with her. 'But it was just a few years and I came out of it', she added.

Ariana admitted that the phase was definitely weird and went from the ages of 2 to 4 years. 'But it wasn't all bad and then I swapped to something elite and fashionable like Dorothy fashion and healthier choices', she insisted.

Ariana's fans can't forget when the former Nickelodeon star was younger and had been singing rude songs.  She got kicked out of a house for the old because of her songs.

It wasn't the case at all' the singer says. Explaining the matter, she was adamant. ‘It was in fact some lyrics that were embarrassing me and my friends. We formed a group and decided to go around singing to raise funds for good cause but didn't think about one song as it should be.'

Ariana has spoken of her concerns publicly. She laughs to talk about the phase when she was once carrying a hockey stick along with wearing Halloween masks. ‘I have ditched those'. She insists.

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