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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Iggy Azalea Stays In News For Her Dispute With Snoop Dogg

Iggy Azalea appears to be pissed off because of a series of weird controversies taking place in her life these days. Noises of her hot law marriage story are yet being echoed in the air and now her dispute with Snoop Dogg is the highlight of all showbiz channels, newspapers and online magazines.

The American rapper and songwriter had posted a nasty meme on the social media that burnt a new fire. He put a picture on his Instagram account on Saturday where a woman can be seen with corn rows that became visible like albino. The 42yrs-old rapper also placed a slogan saying 'Iggy Azalea no make-up.'

Iggy couldn’t keep herself away on it and rumor has it that she has tweeted manifold angry messages to Snoop. The language in these tweets is a hit back on the American rapper asking him why he posted such a mean picture on Instagram when he sends his bodyguards to ask her for pictures all time they are at concerts.

She also harked back to the event when her bodyguard stopped the fire truck saving Snoop’s friend’s life in Canada. The Australian performer was also puzzled seeing the man posting such things while he had been always nice to her. Criticizing Snoop, she wrote on Tweeter that she was disappointed to see him as an a*s for no reason.

Earlier than this story, Iggy was in news for her x-boyfriend Hefe’s act of filing a divorce. He alleged in the documents that Iggy was mutually agreed to be married with him and they began to reside together as husband and wife in September 2008 in Texas. While the Texan law also confirms that if a couple lives together as husband and wife for a certain period then they are officially considered to be in a common law marriage.       

Iggy’s ex-boyfriend also claimed that they stopped living together in 2013. He has requested the judge to stop Iggy from selling any asset she acquired during their marriage time.

Hefe scandal, several nominations in AMAs awards and now her dispute with Snoop Dogg have made the Australian rapper center of the news these days but it is also true that all these happenings have embroiled the hot lady in an odd situation.  On the other hand, Iggy’s angry messages on Tweeter have also been removed and the original meme by Snoop Dogg is no longer on its place.

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