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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Debbie Doesn’t Feel Compelled Speaking Of Her Sexuality

Some people stay young for whole life and the American singer-songwriter Debbie Harry exactly fits this saying. 69 yrs old celebrity has always been a temptation to get sexual attention right from the beginning of her career. The attraction and the explicit feminine style she possesses have made her to be the center of attention from opposite gender even since she was a little girl.

The period of 70s witnessed Debbie to have appeared as a sex symbol right after she debuted as a singer from her band Blondie. The singer was applauded worldwide. Her attractive eyes, dazzling bleached hair, and cherry lips gave her an instant recognition among others and she also came out as an actress in some film projects.

The singer has been exclaimed for taking advantage for her femaleness on several occasions but she stays adamant saying "I have been that way my whole life”.

Giving interview to an online music magazine, Debbie revealed many secrets of her early days and the life after it. According to her she attracted sexual attention even when she was a small girl and her mother was very worried about it. Debbie said that she never felt forced to secrete her sexuality.

Debbie also reminisced the poet Gregory Corso in her interview who according to the singer was a flirt and so forward; and she was very afraid of him. Debbie further said that she was used to like Gregory Corso because of his excellent poetry and so she would dare herself walking down to the streets where the poet was used to hangout. According to Debbie she had a bizarre temptation to see him and it perhaps because she was sort of a poet fans.

Debbie was giving interview based on the topic of Women Who Dare. She told the magazine that her idea of living a sort of scary life was amazing and full of excitement. She further added that she doesn't know if she's a risk taker as she once was. Debbie insisted that she has always been determined for denying the status quo.

Expressing a great satisfaction for the life she has lived yet, Debbie says that she wouldn't be settled down for any other life because she wouldn't be happy for anything else than she already has.

Debbie’s band Blondie is still among the strongest bands of the music world and has recently had an international tour in 2014’s beginning where the group also celebrated their anniversary album Blondie 4(0) Ever.

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