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Monday, January 1, 2024

Black Chyna Opens Up About Breast Reduction Surgery

In recent news, Black Chyna has talked about the painful breast reduction surgery that she went through in the early months of December.

The former reality star, real name Angela White, posted on Instagram to disclose that she had gone under the knife once again in the previous month.

The reason behind the surgery was that she had been experiencing various complications due to a life-changing butt and breast reduction operation back in March 2023. 

She went on to wish people a Happy New Year’s and revealed that she had undergone surgery once again. 

The influencer made the black-and-white video post, saying that she decided that she wanted to reduce the size of her breasts earlier in the year. 

According to the star, she had grown tired of the fact that they were fake and began to realize that they were too big for her body.

Black Chyna further added that she thought they were disproportionate to her frame, which is why she wanted to get them taken out. 

The 35-year-old said that when she took this dilemma to her doctor, they advised that she should go smaller to find out how her skin retracts.

Consequently, the model made the decision to reduce the size of her implants and go from 585 to 385 cubic centimeters.

However, as she underwent surgery, a couple of complications arose in the celebrity’s body and her left breast was left encapsulated.

In addition, the muscle had contracted all around the implant, leaving her in excruciating pain.

As a result of all the pain that she was suffering, Black Chyna decided to go through a second surgery shortly after and got her breast size reduced to 190ccc. 

The Doom rapper explained that this surgery had become necessary because she did not want to end up being disfigured and experience further issues with respect to her body. 

In her words, the surgery was pretty expensive, and she realized that if she kept her breast implants, she would have to maintain them regularly.

However, the musician added that she does not want to do that anymore and is happy to have her natural breasts back.

She revealed that she does not feel bad about going under the knife and changing her body shape at all, as she is very excited to have her original body back. 

In other news, Emma Stone has talked about how she has attended three of the shows of the Era’s Tour by Taylor Swift in the past couple of months.

She recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show and explained how much she admired the singer.

The actress recalled that she had first met Taylor back in 2008 and had been happy to see her.

In her words, the pair came together at the Young Hollywood Awards, which were being held in LA, and got along well.

Soon after, the two decided to stay in touch and have become friends since then. 

According to the Easy A star, she was at the opening night of the trek back in March, which was held in her home state of Arizona.

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