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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

50 Cent Refutes Rumors About Using Ozempic To Lose Pounds

In recent news, 50 Cent has insisted that he did not use Ozempic to lose any weight, particularly 40 pounds or 18 kilograms. 

The In Da Club rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, has refuted all rumors and speculation regarding his now-slimmer physique. 

The star has concluded that his smaller figure is not the result of taking the controversial drug but rather his hard work.

According to a new Instagram video that the star posted, he lost 40 pounds by frequenting the gym and powering through his high-energy performances while he was on tour. 

The musician further insisted that he had built up a consistent habit of maintaining his weight and did not take any drugs to help him along.

The 48-year-old took to disclosing that he has gone from 253 pounds or 115 kg to 210 pounds, which is 95 kg, all thanks to his new workout routine.

Just last year, the hip-hop star began The Final Lap Tour in celebration of the 20th anniversary of his debut album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin'.

He played at various locations between the months of July and December of the previous year, with two more shows of the same coming up in the US in the month of March. 

In the months of early January, the musician declared that he was going to be practicing abstinence in the current year.

Following up with an update on the matter, 50 Cent revealed to his followers on Instagram that his pledge has already been paying off. 

He went on to add that he is now fully focused and working to train harder. In his words, people should try to do the same as it could make them feel good about themselves. 

Ozempic, which is a medicine that is often prescribed to treat type 2 diabetes, is sometimes used by influencers and celebrities to lose significant weight in a short span of time.

In other news, Corey Taylor of the Slipknot has revealed that he took to canceling his solo tour after he underwent a complete breakdown. 

The musician posted on Instagram a couple of days ago to explain what happened, shortly after fans began to express concern regarding his health.

They had been surprised when the singer canceled all the shows for his upcoming US tour just a month before it could start. 

In the video shared on Instagram, the frontman of Slipknot has addressed the responses of his fans to the new announcement, saying that he will still be setting out on a four-date tour in Asia.

This consists of one show in the Philippines and three shows in Japan, which will be scheduled from late March to early April. 

According to the singer, he decided to post on Instagram shortly after he received a lot of feedback regarding his shows in Southeast Asia.

The 50-year-old said that his shows in the US were canceled due to poor mental health and he suffered a breakdown.

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