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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Dua Lipa Rumored To Go On Stadium Tour

In recent news, Dua Lipa is reportedly planning to go on a stadium tour in the upcoming year. 

The Levitating hitmaker was recently rumored to be scheduled to headline the 2024 Glastonbury Festival as well.

But now, she could be preparing to graduate from arenas to stadiums in the summer of the upcoming year.

This is likely to be planned in response to the success that the star has been enjoying after her 2022 Future Nostalgia jaunt. 

According to a source close to the star, the musician is likely going to be everywhere in the next year.

As of now, the source revealed, the star’s team is working on penciling her first-ever shows in stadiums, which will be scheduled for the summer of 2024. 

In 2022, the singer scheduled 12 arena shows in the UK alone, which has people speculating that stadiums could be a likely possibility in the near future.

Up until now, the source has admitted that no dates for the stadium tour have been confirmed, but it is possibly going to happen soon. 

There is no denying that the 28-year-old popstar has managed to inspire an entire new generation of up-and-coming artists.

She has gained much popularity and fame with her seminal 2020 disco pop LP, titled Future Nostalgia.

Moreover, a campaign for the Grammy winner’s third album is already underway as she begins to change the face of pop culture with her powerful music. 

According to Alex Burford of Warner, a successful campaign from the star tends to last for at least a few years.

Consequently, he is aiming to ensure that the singer lands even more diamond records and secures streams of more than two billion.

Burford further confessed that Warner is striving to ensure that Dua soon becomes the most streamed artist across the globe.

He went on to add that the campaign initially started as a way to measure success in a year or two down the road.

However, Warner was pleasantly surprised by how the tracks of Future Nostalgia were changing the cultural landscape of the music world. 

Burford claimed that, as of now, the campaign is not targeted to garner success in a week; rather, the end goal is to change pop culture as people know it today. 

Up until now, the 28-year-old has only released the lead single of the new LP, titled Houdini.

In the song, the singer goes from disco-pop music to psychedelic pop by the time the track comes to an end. 

For this song, she specifically took to recruiting Kevin Parker and Tame Impala, the psychedelic outfit, to help co-produce her upcoming record.

She also took to bringing electronic and rave pioneer Danny L. Harle on board, thereby not leaving any stone unturned. 

Dua has also made it clear that she is thrilled to have received her publishing rights once again, advising up-and-coming artists to lawyer up at the beginning of their careers.

She added that it is important if people want to remain in control of their music, and that is something she has wanted from the start.

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