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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Jungkook Credits Shawn Mendes And Ed Sheeran

In recent news, Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran have been credited for contributing to the upcoming solo album of the Korean star.

Just recently, the BTS singer decided to unveil the track list for the album, crediting the Bad Habits hitmaker as a songwriter for the tune ‘Yes or No’ for Golden.

Meanwhile, the Canadian heartthrob worked with Jungkook to come up with the tune for Hate You.

Various celebrities have also been featured on the new album, which includes DJ Snake with Please Don’t Change and Closer To You by Major Lazer.

The debut record from the Korean singer is all set to drop in November, with the single Seven already a fan-favorite.

For this track, Jungkook collaborated with Latto shortly before joining hands with Jack Harlow for a different song named 3D.

As per the track listing, other songs on the debut album include Shot Glass of Tears, Somebody, and Too Sad To Dance.

The 26-year-old hitmaker further had a huge hand in helping in the production of the record as well.

As per the record label Big Hit Music, Golden is a record that is based on the golden moment of the star.

In order to ensure that his hard work bears fruit, the Korean pop singer has put his entire heart and soul into the process.

Consequently, the production credits mainly belong to the musician, including his effort to personally select each song to be added to the new album. 

In addition, Jungkook has made an announcement regarding the launch of Golden, saying that he will be hosting a Live On Stage event.

This performance will take place on the 20th of November in the Jangchung Arena, which is located in Seoul. 

Moreover, the gig will be made available to the musician’s fans across the globe through live stream. 

Despite the fact that the Korean singer has performed solo in the past, such as at the Global Citizen Festival that took place in New York, the Golden Live On Stage will be his first full-length show alone.

Just recently, the star also took to talking about being grateful to all the haters he has.

In his words, his haters put in effort and time to troll him, meaning that they pay attention to the art he creates.

The hitmaker also participated in a listening party that was specially set up for 3D.

In the occasion, he thanked his fans for showing him their support whenever he needed it the most.

In other news, Jana Kramer has revealed that she was hospitalized due to a bad bacterial infection at the time of her babymoon in Florida. 

As of now, the star is expecting her third child and took to posting a couple of pictures taken in the hospital.

The One Tree Hill alum posted a lengthy caption alongside the picture, saying that she had been ignoring some pain in her back for a while.

However, when she sought medical attention on the trip, she realized that there was something wrong.

In her words, the pain had become too great for her to manage, and a consultation with a doctor revealed that she needed to stay in the hospital for treatment and recovery.

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