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Friday, September 15, 2023

Sia To Drop First Solo Album In 8 Years

In recent news, Sia has revealed that she will be releasing her first solo pop album in almost a decade.

Her new record, Reasonable Woman, will be the first in 8 years and has been scheduled to drop in the Spring of 2024. 

The Unstoppable hitmaker took to treating her fans to one of the singles on her new album, called Gimme Love.

She further announced that it would be a follow-up song to her 2016 hit, called This Is Acting. 

Back then, the artist used to pen a number of songs for different musicians, such as Cheap Thrill for Rihanna, Move Your Body for Shakira, and Alive for Adele.

In 2017, the 47-year-old songwriter and singer released a festive LP on Christmas titled, ‘Everyday is Christmas’.

The musician went on to release various songs from her musical movie, Music, back in 2021.

The release included a total of 10 original tracks from the film, which had been co-written and directed by Sia.

However, in the last two years, the singer has been quiet in the industry and made an appearance a couple of months ago to tell people that she has been diagnosed with autism.

The Chandelier star is currently married to her partner Dan Bernard, and they tied the month in the early days of September 2023. 

She took to posting on social media that she discovered about being on the spectrum only recently and is on the road to recovery from alcoholism. 

In a recent interview with the finalist of Season 44 of Survivor, Carolyn Wiger, the 47-year-old talked about how she has been dealing with various things lately. 

She further divulged that being on the spectrum makes a lot of sense to her, and she is able to chalk up various events in her life to her autism.

Moreover, in her words, she has started to feel more like herself in the last two years, as compared to how she felt in the 45 years before that. 

According to the singer, she was able to discover herself when she sat in a room and divulged some of her deepest and darkest secrets to a bunch of strangers.

She recalled how exhilarating and light she felt when she laid down all her issues, and people just laughed right alongside her.

Sia believes that opening up gave her room to allow people to know and love her and that she does not feel like a piece of trash for the first time in her life.

The musician stated that after she had disclosed her secrets to random strangers, she decided that she would not pretend to be someone else and just operate as a normal human being should. 

Where the developmental condition of the 47-year-old is concerned, she chose not to provide facts about when she was diagnosed.

However, she did point out that it has caused her some social anxiety and made it difficult for her to empathize with people at times.

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