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Monday, August 14, 2023

Fans Stunned By Ed Sheeran Working A Shift At A Lego Store

In recent news, Ed Sheeran managed to stun a large number of fans, who were shopping in the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He worked a shift in a Lego Store, causing onlookers to be surprised. 

The British singer has been on a campaign to stage a couple of impromptu performances in numerous cities in the US while touring in the country.

Along with his official dates scheduled beforehand for the gigs, he has been going around staging some unscheduled ones as well, such as the one held in Minneapolis’s US Bank Stadium on the weekend. 

Before the time of the main concert, Ed decided to schedule a stop on his way and stopped at the Mall of America. There, he went to the Lego Store for a single shift and acted as a brick specialist. 

Consequently, he also performed his famous hit from 2011, called Lego House, standing outside the store.

During his shift, the hitmaker put on a yellow apron and started to help a number of customers pick a set of Legos. He could also be seen signing autographs for those customers who recognized him. 

 It is a well-known fact that the Shape Of You singer has been a huge Lego fan since he was a child. He also pointed out that his favorite Lego set is the Knight’s Castle. 

The stateside trek of the pop superstar is going to conclude in Los Angeles, at the SoFi Stadium, on the 23rd of September.

In other news, Lionel Richie’s recent stunt has left fans infuriated. The All Night Long singer canceled his most recent gig just an hour before it was scheduled to start and blamed the bad weather for it. 

Lionel was all set to perform at the Madison Square Garden alongside Earth Wind & Fire at his sold-out show. However, he backed out at the eleventh hour.

Fans were quite disappointed by the cancelation since they had been at the venue for hours prior to the time the show was scheduled to start. 

As per Richie, his plane could not land in the city due to heavy rain. The star tweeted at 8:31 

He went on to announce that he would be moving the performance to Monday, 14th August, expressing how bummed out he feels for disappointing his fans.

In his words, he had been looking forward to performing for the people who had taken out their precious time to see him, but the bad weather was preventing him from doing so.

He concluded his tweet by saying that the fans who had bought tickets to his canceled show, would be able to avail them for the gig scheduled for the 14th of August. 

Despite the singer’s tweet, fans were angry about the cancelation. This was mainly because a large number of them had come from different cities and towns to watch the star perform.

They were also infuriated by the fact that they had been left out of pocket or the fact that they would not be able to see him the next day.

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