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Saturday, May 13, 2023

The View Halts Gig As Fight Breaks Out On Stage

In recent news, The View walked off stage and was forced to put an end to its ongoing performance. This was due to a fight that broke out between the band members right on stage.

On the day of the event, the Dundee Band had been excited to perform for its fans in London. However, the gig had to be postponed when a mid-show burst up broke out on the stage in Manchester.

In the video that was shared online, it is evident that one member of the band kicked the microphone stand belonging to the other. But the reason for the outburst is unknown.

Following the kicking, the other member, whose microphone had been kicked, threw his guitar on the ground. Then, he went on to repeatedly kick and punch his fellow band member.

In a couple of minutes, the other musicians intervened and broke the two apart. But, shortly after, all the band members walked off the stage before even finishing their performance.

Later on, the band put out an announcement on social media, saying that it was only a brotherly dust-up. They apologized to their fans, saying that the paid went a little overboard with teasing each other.

The fight had taken place in Manchester, while the band had been all set to perform at The Deaf Institute. 

In other news, Sam Ryder has surprised his fans with good news by releasing a new single that he finished recording and retouching just a couple of days ago.

The song, Mountain, was released by the Eurovision runner-up in the UK in 2022. Back then, he had come quite close to emerging victorious when the song contest had been held last year.

There was no denying that his song, Spaceman, was a huge hit. Despite that, he lost the winner’s position to Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine. The latter gave a very inspiring performance on its track, Stefania. 

But the good news is that Sam is now back to please his fans. He will be performing his recently released song on Saturday night, during the final round of Eurovision 2023. 

In the recent gigs that the singer performed, he would drop several lines from the song. Soon enough, fans began to request that the artist put his new creation out, as it became a favorite. 

Talking about his new release, Sam revealed that Mountain is all about perseverance. It talks about him urging people to conquer and overcome all the troubles that life throws at them.

Meanwhile, the singer is all set to show his support for Pink at BST Hyde Park, presented by American Express. 

Various artists are all set to come together with the Never Gonna Not Dance Again singer. These include GAYLE, Sam Thompkins, Mae Stephens, Will Linley, and Maddie Zahn.  

In addition to these celebrities, Gwen Stefani, a pop legend, is also going to be visiting London Park on Saturday. 

On night two, Tinashe, Nell Mescal, Valencia Grace, Lyra, Maddie Zahm, and Beren Olivia have been scheduled to play.


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