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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Madonna Reveals She Did Not Want To Have Children

In recent news, Madonna has opened up about her initial view of motherhood and how she did not want to be a parent. This led to her rejecting the idea of having children at all. 

The 64-year-old took to her Instagram on Sunday for Mother’s Day and gave a heartfelt apology. She also added a couple of words to detail how difficult her journey to becoming a mother had been. 

The popstar added that she had not warmed up to the idea of becoming a mother even in her 30s. This was because she associated the idea of becoming a mother with suffering, sacrifice, and ultimate death.

Of course, she wanted to live her life and not go down a black hole. However, Madonna now posted a video compilation of all her six children and herself.

It included images of 26-year-old, Lourdes, 22-year-old Rocco, 17-year-olds, Mercy and David, and lastly, Estere and Stell, the singer’s 10-year-old twins. 

According to the singer, she did not realize how grounded motherhood makes you feel until you hold your child in your arms for the first time.

The Vogue singer said that she also felt confused and dazed the first time around because she was worried about how she was going to figure out how to balance being an uncompromising artist and a good mother. 

The Material Girl singer went on to describe motherhood as nothing less than a gift, which gives women the highest highs and the lowest lows. 

Madonna remarked that there are no rule books or manuals that mothers can follow, which tells them all about how to parent. Rather, they have to dive in and figure things out on their own. 

The Queen Of Pop went on to conclude her post by expressing her thanks to her children for choosing her to be their mother. 

In her words, she is very grateful to parent such lovely children and is wholeheartedly proud of them. She believes that they are her shining stars and continues to make her feel happy every day.

Lastly, the music icon further posted to pay tribute to her now-deceased mother, Madonna. She passed away in 1963, but the legend still remembers her fondly.

In her post, she referred to her mother directly and said that she hopes she is happy up there and proud of her grandchildren as well. 

In other news, Post Malone has revealed that he is going to be releasing his brand-new album on the 28th of July. 

The Circles popstar, real name Austin Richard Post, has said that it has been rewarding and challenging for him to create a follow-up album on Twelve Carat Toothache from 2022.

He posted an Instagram update and talked about how he is on tour in Europe right now and is having the time of his life. He revealed that he has titled his new album after himself and is quite excited for fans to listen to it. 

Moreover, Post Malone added that he has been trying to push himself lately is glad for the cool stuff he has created. 

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