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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Lenny Kravitz Expresses Joy At Seeing Black Artists’ Artistic Freedom

In recent news, Lenny Kravitz has expressed joy at the fact that the upcoming generation of Black artists in the music industry are being given more freedom than he had when he kickstarted his career.

The Fly Away popstar added that he feels thrilled whenever he sees a new black artist talk about their artistic freedom. 

He feels pride at seeing them create rock, pop, and different kinds of music. The singer went on to add that he is glad to see that these musicians are not limiting themselves to hip-hop and R&B.

Talking about the time when his career was still in its initial phases, Lenny added that he had trouble coming to agreements with his record label.

According to the singer, everything was always in tight black-and-white boxes for pop and R&B, and singers were not allowed to think beyond that.

Now, the singer has expressed how honored and flattered he feels when black artists, who are now experiencing creative freedom, come up to him to tell him that he is their inspiration.

He added that it makes him feel like he is on cloud nine when they tell him how much the star means to them. 

According to Lenny, these artists grew up listening to his music and looking at his visuals, feeling like they could also push their boundaries because he did too.

Then, the star talked about other singers who inspire him and mentioned Steve Lacy, a 24-year-old songwriter, and musician. He said that the new up-and-comer is someone who re-inspires him. 

Later on, during an interview, the hitmaker of American Woman announced that his two brand-new albums have been pretty much planned and decided.

He added that he cannot wait to go back to performing on the road, especially since his last tour was canceled when the pandemic hit halfway through it.

Reminiscing about his last interview, the musician said that he had been performing shows for two out of three years of his tour when the coronavirus caused the rest of his tour to be canceled.

As a result, Lenny became quite upset but is now hopeful again at the possibility of being able to perform soon. 

In other news, Sweden has emerged victorious in the 67th Eurovision song contest. Loreen, the winner, managed to snag the first position with her song ‘Tattoo’. 

The event was enthusiastically celebrated by all those who attended it at the Liverpool Arena. However, the ambassador to the UK, Mae Muller, was not happy about the results.

She came in second last, while Loreen, the Swedish songwriter, and singer, wowed the attendees with her performance.

But she did struggle a bit towards the end, especially when facing the crowd-pleasing singer from Finland. 

With her win, Sweden is right beside Ireland where Eurovision wins are concerned. Both countries are tied at seven.

On the other hand, Loreen has now become the first woman to have won this contest twice. Back in 2012, she hit it big with her song, Euphoria. 

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