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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Jonas Brothers Make Their Way To Broadway

In recent news, the Jonas Brothers have revealed that they will soon be heading to Broadway for their five-night residency.

Every night, the brothers, Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas will be focusing on a different album. This will include Jonas Brothers, Lines, Vines, And Trying Times, A Little Bit Longer, The Album, and Happiness Begins. 

The brothers took to social media, specifically Instagram, to announce that the boys are coming back to town. They revealed that they will be showing up on Broadway and performing at the Marquis Theatre from the 14th of March to the 18th of March. 

The band also revealed in the same post that they will be performing some of their biggest hits from the different albums. They hinted that it will be an event to remember, and fans will not want to miss them at all. 

Soon after the Broadway announcement was made, the Jonas Brothers dropped Wings, one of their most recent songs. It is a part of their newest and sixth album, The Album. 

Talking about the song, Joe Jonas said that Wings is sort of like a trailer for the remaining songs in the album and the direction that it takes. In his words, this song is the shortest one on the album but is one of his favorites because it provides insight into what the rest of the album is about.

He went on to discuss another song Montana Sky, saying that it consists of acoustic guitar, as well as real organic instruments. These come together to produce a number of influences, however, Joe pointed out that they are not trying to get into the country act. 

The band has further stated that Bee Gees were one of their primary inspirations for the newest album. On this note, Kevin added that they have been an important influence in the lives of the boys. When they were young, they would listen to the songs by Bee Gees alongside their father. 

In other news, Bring Me The Horizon has revealed that it has been creating and recording music while on the tour bus. The band announced that they have recently installed a high-end studio on their vehicle. 

It also disclosed that back when it was on its US tour at the end of the previous year, Bring Me The Horizon recorded several songs. The band members have further hinted that they will soon be releasing these songs one by one. 

The drummer in the band, Mat Nicholls, stated that the songs the band will be releasing are some of the best. They are proud of the hard work that they have put in, which took a while but will be worth it. He added that it was difficult to finalize the songs since the band members are perfectionists, but they have learned to trust the process. 

The band has been working closely with Zakk Cervini, the producer, who has also produced their previous album in 2020.

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