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Monday, December 13, 2021

Madonna Hits Back At 50 Cent And Calls Him Out For ‘Fake Apology’

In recent news, the-46-year-old star, 50 Cent, took to poking fun at the risqué Instagram pictures that Madonna posted. The pictures show the popstar posing under a bed, wearing lingerie. However, the rapper, later on, issued an apology, which was deemed to be invalid by the Material Girl singer herself. 

Given that she had not responded right away, she started off her clap back saying that she was giving a delayed reply to the fake apology issued by 50 Cent. She went on to claim that she had been busy, which is why she did not have time to call him out.

The singer revealed that she had a couple of things to say to the 46-year-old. She started off with pointing out that he had been trying to shame and humiliate her. Next, Madonna told him that his apology was not worth anything and was invalid, which is why she did not want it. 

The delayed response from the hitmaker came after 50 Cent personally reached out to her after deleting his tweet. The tweet in question stated that he had not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings, especially the singer’s. However, he had publicly compared the picture of Madonna with an image of the Wicked Witch dead under the house, as depicted in the classic film ‘The Wizard of Oz’. 

The Material Girl singer, later on, posted a video, explaining that an apology is invalid if the person apologizing does not realize what he is apologizing for. She added that 50 Cent should be issuing an apology for his sexist, misogynistic, ageist remarks and behavior. According to her, he had not been able to hurt her feelings because she does not care about his opinion, nor did she take it personally. She went on to tell him that his comments had not come from ‘an enlightened place’. 

Ultimately, the popstar claimed that she does not believe in holding grudges and therefore, has forgiven the Candy Shop rapper for his words and remarks and wished him the best for his future. She concluded that she hopes that one day he wakes up and sees a different point of view. 

In other news, while hosting her Saturday Night Live debut, Billie Eilish took to cracking a joke about her baggy clothes. The Happier Than Ever hitmaker had been serving as a musical guest and host on the show when she stepped onto the stage for her monologue. She was wearing a huge white lace dress, which had red embroidery, and in her words, made her look like she had gotten ‘married in an anime’. 

Where her festive look is concerned, Billie agreed that it was a bold choice. She joked that if people did not know her for her music, they definitely knew her for her clothes and hair. The 19-year-old went on to add that this is why she had decided to dress up as Mrs. Claus and go to a club. She further talked about her signature style, which consists of loose-fitting trousers, jackets, and tops.

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