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Monday, February 8, 2021

Friend Told Anne-Marie that She Reeks of Garlic

The Don’t Play singer just recently admitted that she is known for using many a clove of garlic in her cooking. Her use of the pungent plant has been so frequent over the past couple of months that she no longer smells it. She also confessed that she accidentally embarrassed one of her friends when they went out shopping and the popstar reeked of garlic. 

Anne Marie had started growing her own vegetables back when the pandemic struck and lockdown was imposed. She proudly admits that garlic is one of her most favorite ingredients in the world and she uses it in every dish that she can. 

The singer revealed that her friend is always telling her that she smells of the pungent plant. She recalled that they were out shopping and her friend would not stop reminding her that she reeked of garlic. A while later, Anne-Marie walked past her and she started coughing. Her friend quietly took out a bottle of perfume and sprayed it on the hit singer, hoping that she would not hear the spray. 

The 29-year-old added that she could not eat anything but cheese bagels for years because she has certain food fears. 

The hitmaker of ‘Ciao Adios’ informed that her parents used to worry about her a lot because she struggled to eat any food besides sandwiches. She was growing up and had nothing else to eat, which made her parents fear her falling ill. 

She recalled that her parents started taking her to doctors when they noticed that cheese bagels were the only food that she was consuming. Anne-Marie revealed that she would have these sandwiches at lunch in school, then come back home and have two more for dinner. According to her, she did not consume any fruit and vegetables for a few years, at least. 

The singer went on to share that her dream meal is a Philadelphia bagel, which includes only cream cheese and no butter. Laughing, she said that she will eat an entire tub by eating just two bagels.

Opening up, the 29-year-old stated that she has always struggled with eating because she has a phobia of vomiting. Thus, she does not like trying new food and has refrained from it in the past. The popstar believes that she cannot ever experiment with food due to her fears. 

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