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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Justin Timberlake Reveals he is Working on a New Album

Just recently, the 39-year-old actor and singer revealed that he has been spending a lot of time in the studio. According to him, he is working on dropping a follow-up album to his ‘Man of the Woods’, released in the year 2018. 

Jimmy Fallon, a chat show host, is the one who got Timberlake to reveal the news. He asked if it would be right to say that a new Justin Timberlake album is in the works. The actor responded positively, saying that there is a possibility. Eventually, he admitted that he has been working on something new lately. 

However, Justin made sure to insist that he is not going to rush the release of his new music. He revealed that he likes to take an ample amount of time with his material to ensure that it settles well with him. 

The singer explained that he waited at least four to five years to release Mirrors. According to him, time is his barometer. He waits to see if he likes it even after time has gone by to assess whether people will like it now or not. 

Justin recently welcomed his wife, Jessica Biel, as well as his son, Phineas. He went on to add that his dream collaborators for this particular album consist of various artists. Two of these singers are Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamaar. Fallon was quite happy with the mix that the singer was trying to bring in. 

Moreover, Justin, who has another son, Silas, with Jessica, had previously revealed the reason why he left the popular boyband, *NSYNC. As per the 39-year-old, he felt like he was growing out of it. He said that what began as a fun snowball fight, was turning into an avalanche. 

The singer recalled being on a stadium tour and thinking that it was too big. He provided further insight by saying that he felt that he cared more about the music as compared to the other members of the group. Consequently, he left the band to follow his music and his heart. 

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