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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Mendini Full Size 4/4 MV300 [Solid Wood] Violin Review

Traditional and elegant looking design, Mendini MV300 Violin is the best instrument at this price of range. It delivers a soft satin finish, mellow tone, warm and clear sound. Mendini MV300 is a solid choice for beginners who want to learn how to play. Mendini MV200 and Mendini MV300 are almost the same, but Mendini MV300 delivers mellow sound while Mendini MV200 has a vibrant tone.

What’s Included?

Mendini MV300 is very lightweight at just 4 IBS. It comes with a hard case to protect the instrument. Mendini MV300 violin bow is made of Brazilian wood with Mongolian horsehair. Mendini MV300 includes some rosin and two bridges to choose from, an extra string, and a shoulder rest that is adjustable.

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Finish and Fit

The spruce of Mendini Mv300 violin is very solid and both sides of the hand carve are made of maple. The fingerboard of the instrument is also made of maple that looks like ebony, but it’s not ebony. There is an alloy tailpiece on the chin rest and four tuners are set into it. The pegs of the instrument are made of maple and rosin cake has glaze on it, which prevents the instrument from powdering during shipment.

How to Set Up

A new violin will not have a tune at the moment you receive the package and take it out from the case. First, take the string out and apply powdery rosin on each and every peg. Then, put rosin into the holes where the headstock is, and put pegs into the place. After that, put the peg along with the string at the backside of the headstock.

You will feel a little stiff when you first tune the string. It prevents strings from slipping, so they will hold the tune truer and longer.

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  • Beautiful and satin unique finishing
  • The instrument includes a Brazilian wood bow with genuine horsehair, two violin bridges, an extra set of strings, quality rosin, adjustable shoulder rest with soft rubber feet & foam padding, a Lesson Book, lightweight hard case with pocket, Cecilio clip-on corner, shoulder straps and backpack.
  • One year warranty

Final Words

Mendini MV300 Violin is the best instrument for students. It features a mellow rich tone and classic design. You need to follow the steps to set it up first that is mentioned in the guide book you will find in the package. Mendini V300 is very easy to set up, the student can easily set it up and start playing tunes, they can feel and hear the success when they hit the notes.

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