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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Ibanez String Bass Guitar, Black GSRM 4 Review


This is a compact four-string bass guitar by Ibanez, it is ideal for young players, and for the players who are suffering in neck and back problems. This is the best instrument for those who like to have a lightweight and small size guitar. The size of the instrument is 28.6”. The instrument is featuring with jatoba fingerboard and scale maple neck with dot inlay on the fingerboard. The P&J style pickups plus Dynamix help the instrument to easily play and produce a big sound.


  • 28.6” Size
  • Jatoba fret-board with white inlay.
  • B10 Bridge
  • Chrome hardware
  • Maple neck GRSM 4
  • Popular body Mahogany
  • Medium frets
  • Dynamix P&J style pickups
  • Black Color

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Brief History

In 1935, a Spanish Hoshino Gakki started making Spanish acoustic guitar under the name of “Ibanez Salvador” which was later known as “Ibanez”. Although Ibanez started manufacturing the electric guitar in 1957, Ibanez was not famous in the west until the 1960s. In the 1970s, Ibanez has stopped making derivative guitars and begun making the original and unique designs that now the company is known for. The company is also famous for effect pedals and guitar amplifiers features.

DXJ and DXP Pickups

The Dynamix J and Dynamix P pickups of this instrument are designed to provide you the best and most famous electric bass guitar. From fat, rock tones to soft and rich R&B sound provide you a wide sonic territory to experience with the Ibanez string bass guitar GSRM20 bass.


  • The slim neck provides you speed and amazing play-ability.
  • Dynamix P & J pickups provide punchy tone and classic fat.
  • A popular Mahogany body gives excellent comfort and balance.
  • 28.6 short scales are perfect for smaller hands and shorter arms.
  • Bridge B10 provides impressive sustains.


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Final Words

Ibanez String Bass Guitar GSRM20 is the best instrument for young students and for those who have small hands and shorter arms. It is a lightweight and shorter scale Mikro series guitar. This is just the best size for young rock stars. It is filled with many features; the Mikro series guitar delivers the best sound quality beyond its size. This instrument lets the small hand produce a big sound.

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