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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Cecilio CVN-300 [Solidwood Ebony Fitted] Violin Review

Are you trying to find a quality beginner violin for your daughter, son, or even for yourself? You will be happy to hear that your searching is over now. Cecilio CVN-300 is the best quality violin for beginner violin students. As with other string instruments, spruce can be used for the top & maple for neck sides and back. These work together to deliver beautiful sound. Cecilio CVN package filled with many important accessories that would be helpful for beginners.  It is a very durable violin for new students they can continue to play in their intermediate years.
Cecilio CVN-300 is known for its warm notes and great for the violinists who just want to start. It is also an excellent choice for those who are on a budget and want to buy an affordable violin with good quality and sound. It is also a versatile violin and easy to use for the students who are in a progressing period of learning.
Features and Benefits
There is an amazing precision in the tone of this violin. The sound of the Cecilio CVN-300 provides warmth and pleasant to the ears. Even for the beginner violinists, it generates a lovely sound that blends perfectly within the orchestra.
CVN-300 Features:

  • Five Pound Weight
  • 32” x 12” x 5” dimension
  • 4/4 full size
  • Aged maple back for durability
  • Ebony fitting use for the pegs, tailpiece, fingerboard and chinrest for durability for frequent movement without stand
  • Featuring with 4 fine tuners which are removable & nickel plated
  • 1/8 orchestra style violin with featuring inlaid purfling & antique varnishing
  • Aged spruce top for better sound transmission
  • Featuring with two bows in the package made from brazilwood, spare bridge and unbleached Mongolian horsehair
  • Includes strung with D'Addario Prelude string
  • Comes with a year warranty for manufacturer defects.

Check the Price
Cecilio CVN-300 has done a tremendous job with this package deal and gives several precious items to its customers. Along with the CVN-300 violin, the maker provides a fine case and 2 brazilwood bows. It also comes with a Mongolian horsehair (unbleached). Other important accessories that can be used for violinists like rosin, an extra bridge, a shoulder rest, a lesson book, and chromatic tuner are included in the CVN-300 package.

Included with Cecilio CVN-300:
  • Extra bow
  • Rosin Cake
  • Electronic tuner
  • Extra set of strings
  • Hardshell case with rubber feet
  • Adjustable shoulder rest
  • Lesson book

Design & Finish
The look of the CVN-300 violin is traditional and beautiful. The maple woods and spruce are a natural color that includes purling on the top. It is finished by a rich and antique varnish. The ebony utilized in the fittings provides a nice contrast and complements the color of varnish. Fingerboard, tailpiece, and chin rest are made of ebony.
Lesson Book
The 1st lesson of the book is based on 32 pages with simple arrangements of numerous well known and classical pieces, they notated and simplified without embellishments. Even though these may not be played during the first lesson, they can soon provide the student with interesting music to spur them in their practice time. All pieces of the book are for play in 1st position.
Pros & Cons
What we like
  • CVN-300 is an ideal violin for students as well as for advanced players, it’s easy to play and can be used for quiet for many years without having to upgrade.
  • Affordable & cost-effective.
  • Sufficiently aged wood ensures that the material used in the product is well dried & will not unnecessarily wrap. It also ensures that the product will produce good sound quality and will be durable to withstand regular use.
  • The fine tuner is providing easy use of tuning for beginners.
  • The Stock strings are made by good quality materials at a reasonable price.
  • It comes with the hard case, it is easy to move and safe to carry around.
  • It comes with an extra bow & bridge in case the one you are using gets broken or lost.

Check the Price
What we don’t like
  • It needs to be tuned often.
  • Great for students but for advanced players you may have to look for better quality violin.
  • Some of their strings easily snap
  • According to some of the beginners who used this product, it doesn’t handle heat changes perfectly and can easily break.
 Final Verdict
The Cecilio CVN-300 violin is a popular and best choice for beginners. It provides better sound quality and also made of quality materials. It comes with a hard case that makes the violin secure and safe and allows you to carry anywhere you want. It’s a great deal in this amount and is a perfect option for beginners to start.   

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