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Monday, May 18, 2020

Renowned Folk Music Albums You Should Own

Folk music has a class of its own. It boasts sounds that are liberating and cathartic and is filled with imbued and poignant storytelling. Folk musicians use relatable and timeless lyrics for capturing the heart and attention of listeners of every age. Folk has the capability of surprising the quietest soul, humbling the loudest voice, and reaching out to anyone and everyone. It can grasp new and old, eminence, and nostalgia. With that said, here are some of the renowned folk music albums you should own:

- Bob Dylan, The Times They Are A Changin (1964)

No folk music list would be complete without Bob Dylan. One of his most beautiful albums is The Times They are a Changin that illustrated stories, thanks to its honest and raw tone. At the time of its release, America was submerged in the Civil Rights Protests, the Vietnam War and more. His album discusses the casualties and difficulties and expresses it skillfully and poetically in his distinct voice. The album is timeless and unforgettable and should be part of your folk music list. 

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- Nick Drake, Pink Moon (1972)

This particular album by Nick Drake is a classic and any die-heard folk music fan would love to get this album. Drake’s humble and beautiful voice moves across every lyric and makes it one of his most emotional albums. His singing and songwriting abilities were both characteristic and uncanny because of his struggle with depression. The opener ‘Pink Moon’ is the most notable one, along with ‘Place to Be’, a song that’s filled with regret. The album explores how life can be heartening and disheartening. 

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 - Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago (2007)

The constant hum of sadness, confusion and hopelessness will draw you into this love-wrought album. It was done by Bon Iver himself and this record was written by Justin Vernon in his father’s hunting cabin in 2007. The opener, Flume is about life and nature and draws you into a strange environment. However, the most notable song of the album is ‘Skinny Love’ that will appeal to every broken-hearted person. It has a great deal of emotion and every folk listener will enjoy listening to it, 

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- Joni Mitchell, Blue (1971)

When you first listen to it, the album will seem like poetry. Joni Mitchell has a melancholic and beautiful voice that shares hopes, stories and love loss. It is folk music at its simplest yet most raw and explores the different dynamics and aspects of relationships. It lets out all the emotions through pure songwriting. 

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