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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Andrew Farriss’ Solo Album to be Released on January 1st, 2021

As the main songwriter for INXS, Andrew Farriss has made his audience dance. After years of writing songs for others, he has finally decided to work as a solo artist. Last year, he finally made the decision to release his first-ever self-titled album of original material as a solo artist. This will be nothing like what he did for INXS or for anyone else for that matter. As part of the country music industry, Andrew Farriss might just break your heart, but you will have to wait for it a bit longer.
Andrew had showcased his new country persona in Nashville, at the renowned Bluebird Café, which was often featured in the TV show Nashville. His album was recorded in Nashville and his home studio in Australia. However, from a release date of 15th May 2020, his record has now been delayed and will be released on January 1st, 2021. This delay in his debut album is because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has led to a number of problems. Fans will have to wait for getting their hands on Farriss’ solo album.

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Luckily, Fariss had also given his audience a taste of what to expect. He had released his captivating debut single on August 9th, 2019 titled ‘Come Midnight’ and dedicated it to his wife, Marlina. She is battling stage four metastatic breast cancer and was first diagnosed in 2014. He followed it up with the release of another single in January 2020 titled ‘Good Momma Bad’. This song offers a funky country groove and was released on the day the Tamworth Country Music Festival was set to begin. 
It is the first solo album that the 60-year old has decided to release in a four-decade career. It is fitting that he has chosen country music as his genre because he has lived on the land for the past two and a half decades, on an actual cattle and grain farm in North West New South Wales. His storytelling style seems a great fit for this particular genre. Therefore, it is not surprising that Come Midnight resonated so much with the audience and Good Momma Bad also drew the listeners from the outset. The song is enclosed in funky instrumentation and is exactly what Andrew had imagined when he headed into Larry Beaird’s studio in Nashville for recording it.
The rest of the album covers songs about the bushranger era in Australia and America’s old West.

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