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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Pioneer DJ DJ System – It’s Everything in One Place

As a DJ, you are the soul of the party or gathering where you are performing. People are relying on you to come up with some unique compositions, off-time beats, and varying tempos to make them transcend. However, to do that with effectiveness, you need the right DJ system in front of you. You need every knob, controller, pad, dialer, etc. right there in your reach to create melodies that take people into a different world. That’s where a complete system like XDJ-RX2 from Pioneer DJ comes in. Let’s know more about this amazing product. 

The XDJ-RX2 DJ System from Pioneer DJ

This particular system from one of the renowned DJ system makers is a complete package. Everything you need to create epic beats and crazy tracks is there on this system. It is an all-in-one solution that brings to decks in the same place for you to perform your magic. There is a big bright LCD right in the middle for you to search for your tracks, saved files, and much more. It comes with a variety of options, including but not limited to laptop-to-system connection and multiple microphone inputs. There is something to discover on this system every day. 

Best Features of the XDJ-RX2

The first thing you will love about this system is the large size. Well, a large size can be hard to carry around but it definitely provides you all the options that you need as a DJ to create magical and memorable melodies. You can even connect it to some music software and control the settings right from your tangible system. If you have multiple turntables, you can connect them simultaneously to this amazing system because of the multiple ports for that. That’s not it. You can even connect your laptop to the DJ system without any additional inputs required. 

Once you have connected your laptop with the system, you can transfer audio, video, and image files. You can then use the LCD screen to sort through files and create a visual representation of the audio tracks you are playing, creating the perfect ambiance that your live audience craves. The performance pads are colorful and tactile so you can play them with ease. You get complete equalizers with fading effects and pro-grade mixing capabilities. Once you have this system, you won’t need any other.

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It has all of the controls and options in one place.

You can have multiple turntables, and CDJs connected to the system at the same time. 

The two-deck system allows for even two DJs to play at the same time. 

With MIDI Control, you can create music on your music software while using your DJ system. 

Large LCD screen to control your visual files and search for your audio files. 

Tactile and color pads for easy touch and feel playing even during dark lighting conditions. 


Can be a bit too big for some DJs to carry it around with them. 

The LCD display is still basic with QWERTY search features. 

Buying Advice

Make sure that you are already familiar with a lot of music terminologies and the use of knobs and ports before you buy this system. It is nearly a professional level machine and will require some time for you to master it. If you are purchasing a DJ system for the first time, you will have to wait for months before you can understand the system fully. So, make sure you think about these things before making the purchase. 

Buying Guide – Buying the Right DJ System

The Needed Features

When buying a DJ system, you have to know that you will be paying for more features. The more features there are on the system, the higher the price tag will be. If you are new and it will be your first DJ system, make sure you go with one that is basic. You can later move on to a big and complex one. 

The Touchscreen

While DJs can still do without the touchscreen, if you are going for one, make sure it is large enough for easy operation. More importantly, you would want the search features to be effective. There is no use of a big screen if you can’t even find the desired track within a few seconds. 

Multiple Inputs

If you are a professional or you produce music with a friend, you should look for multiple inputs. You should be able to connect multiple microphones, turntables, music players, etc. with your system to collaborate without issues. 

MIDI Control

This is an important aspect for those who like to use music software on their computers to produce music for mixing or other reasons. If that’s the case, you should be able to connect the DJ system with your laptop directly and control your software with it. This way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Final Verdict

You must not forget that a DJ system can be quite an investment. If you love music but know nothing about producing it, you should go with a basic DJ system first. Learn online through YouTube videos and by staying with people who produce music before you go for a professional level DJ system. This one has a lot of features on it, but they can be quite overwhelming for someone who has not used a DJ system before. Not to mention, certain elements on the DJ systems are difficult to control even for the most experienced DJs.


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