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Saturday, May 23, 2020

JMAZ DJ Booth – Simple Design Does Fantastic Things

If you are a DJ, you know you need a lot of equipment to perform at gigs and shows than people realize. In addition to being able to mesmerize the crowd, you should also have something out there for your protection. Of course, you are out there in crowds all the time; who would need protection more than you? So, if you are a new DJ or are in the making process, you should consider ways to make yourself safe and comfortable at parties and shows. That’s where a simple product like the DJ booth from JMAZ comes in. 

Lightweight DJ Booth from JMAZ

It is a simple booth designed with lightweight materials to be there in front of you when you perform at parties, concerts, and gatherings. It is white and acts like a façade, creating a barrier between you and the people attending the event. You have it there in front of you while performing for not only your protection but also some light show. There are several panels that you can join to form the booth right in front of you when you are performing your best and favorite songs in front of a live audience. 

Best Features of the DJ Booth from JMAZ

The first thing you should know is that this booth has been made with lightweight materials. Aluminum is the main material used in its making. This allows for you, the DJ, to carry it with you anywhere with ease and comfort. There is also a carrying case that comes with it. the panels of the booth will fit perfectly inside the case so you can carry it around with you effortlessly. The panels of the booth are connectable, so you can always increase and reduce the size of the booth as per your requirements. 

You will also love the fact that the scrim on this booth comes off easily. When you think it is getting dirtier with time, you can just take it off the booth and wash it. Do make sure that you take it for retreatment after washing to make it fire retardant again. Last but not least, it has a translucent surface, so you can use some light show behind it and bring your booth to life when you are performing.

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You can connect and disconnect the panels to reduce and increase the size of the booth according to the size of the space where you are performing.

It is translucent and allows for a great light show behind it, which is visible to the audience from the front. 

The lightweight aluminum on it ensures you can carry it with you and deploy it anywhere with ease. 

Washable scrim can be peeled off when you want and washed to make it clean again. 

The scrim is fire retardant for your protection. 

The carrying case is included in the package, in which the booth fits perfectly.


Scrims can easily be deformed upon washing.

The lightweight of the panels means performing in windy venues will be a huge challenge.

Buying Advice

When buying, you should make sure that you get the scrims in the color you like the most. JMAZ will probably provide you with either black or white ones. Also, make sure you know how the assembly would work. You might also want to confirm the maximum height the panels can provide you with.

Buying Guide – Considerations before Buying a DJ Booth

Easily Transportable

As a DJ, you will be going to several places to perform. To do that behind your booth with ease, your booth has to be easily transportable. Look for lightweight booths that are usually made up of aluminum or other lightweight materials. They should also fold easily and fit inside a carrying case or bag. Otherwise, you will have a hard time carrying around your booth with you. 

Size Adjustments

Just because you like to practice a lot at home right now does not mean you will be doing this forever. You might get a gig to perform at and you might have more space there than you have in your room. So, look for a booth that you can easily adjust by connecting and disconnecting the panels. Do not go for a rigid booth that looks big in your room but tiny in a venue. 

Scrim Detachment 

Keep in mind that the scrim attached to the panels will get dirty with time. This process is inevitable and there is no way for you to avoid it unless you have a booth inside another booth. So, you should be looking for booths with detachable scrims. This way, you can peel them off for washing. 

Scrim Choice

It would be better to find a booth that comes with multiple scrim choices. JMAZ is generous in this particular department. When you buy their booth, they give you the option to go with black or white scrims. Different settings and lighting arrangements suit different types of scrim colors. 

Final Verdict

In the end, you can say that JMAZ DJ Booth is quite a great purchase when you consider the features it offers and the positive feedback it has received from most customers. It is a lightweight product, which is the most important factor to consider when you are looking for a DJ booth. You can connect the panels as you wish and change the size of the booth based on the setting in which you are performing. Overall, the product is a great purchase and offers amazing value for its price.


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