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Monday, May 18, 2020

5 Essential Jazz Albums every Music Fan Should Have

With an interesting history, jazz music boasts a multi-layered and fascinating ethos. Even if you don’t know its background and context, you will still find it cool. Lots of people want to try jazz music, but being beginners, they don’t really know where to begin. If you only listen to pop music but now want to try out some jazz, these are the essential jazz albums that you need to listen to right away:

-    Time Out

Released in the year 1959 by Dave Brubeck, you should start this album with the song Take Five. It is a thrilling and singular mix of the unexpected and the familiar. However, the album has remained in the hearts of the listeners because of its highly catchy melodies, the sense of effortless swing, and the magnificently choreographed dance between the luminaries of music including Dave Brubeck, Eugene Wright, Paul Desmond and Joe Morello.

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-    Blue Train 
Launched in 1957, Blue Train boasts a younger John Coltrane playing some highly memorable and beautiful pieces in outstanding company. The album is a delight from beginning to end, thanks to the bop workout you find in Lazy Bird, the peppy start-and-stop touch in Moment’s Notice, and the somber mood of the title track.

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-    The Sidewinder
Lee Morgan founded the burgeoning soul-jazz scene and released this album in 1963. The album takes a page from the boogaloo playbook and it is one of the funkiest hard-bop melodies to have been made. People cannot stop themselves from dancing to this absolute masterpiece. The album is undoubtedly a crowd-pleaser and will keep you grooving.

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-    The Turnaround
This album highlights Hank Mobley’s greatness and hit the shelves in 1965. This beautiful album showcases Hank Mobley’s expressive capabilities that range from his earthy bluesy wails to his supple tenor saxophone voice. The album was recorded over multiple sessions and several years and also serves as a veritable whos-who of great Jazz musicians in the 1960s.

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-    Ella & Louis
Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald introduced this album in 1956 and it turned out to be one of the most magical jazz albums to be introduced ever. These are two of the greatest artists to join the music industry. Even the most resistant of listeners will be charmed by this album as it is effortless, relaxing, fun, and swinging, everything you would expect from a jazz album.

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