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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Ozzy Osbourne to Release New Album in January

The legendary hard rocker has had a difficult year to say the least. At the beginning of this year, Ozzy Osbourne was hospitalized due to pneumonia. Shortly after, the metal rods in his spine were dislodged when he also suffered from a fall in his home in LA. The rods had been put in in 2003 after he had been in a quad-accident. The most recent solo album that was introduced by the rocker was in 2010 and titled Scream. 

Ozzy’s manager and wife, Sharon Osbourne spoke to Julia Cunningham and Jess Cagle of SiriusXM. She said that even though her husband had had a bad accident, he was on his way to recovery. She also added that he had completed a new album and would release it in January of the coming year. The Black Sabbath Star, whose band had released their final album six years ago titled 13, had been forced to postpone is European and UK tour dates earlier this year.

The rescheduled concerts were to be conducted from January 2020 to March 2020, but they were postponed once again because the 70-year-old star announced that he needed a bit more time to recover from the surgery he had to go through after his fall. The ‘Paranoid’ singer made the announcement via video that was posted on his social media profiles. He stated that he wasn’t ‘retiring’ or ‘dying’. He delivered the message in a very tongue-in-cheek way. He joked that the nuts and bolts that were put in his neck were a lot more than those in his car. The singer said that he was recovering, but it was taking a bit longer than expected. Ozzy assured everyone that he wasn’t dead and just wished to update everyone about his condition and would be back again soon.  

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