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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

K-Pop Star and Actor Sulli Found Dead

Born Choi Jin-ri, the K-Pop star and actor Sulli was found dead. She was only 25 years old. According to the police, the celebrity was discovered unconscious on 14th October at her Seongnam residence. The Seongnam Police said that after her manager was unable to reach the star, she visited her home and found her. They had spoken on the phone the night before. The star had been dealing with severe depression and it looked as if she had taken her own life, although other possibilities were also being explored and hadn’t been ruled out. 

Sulli was a member of f(x), the popular K-pop girl group that had been launched in 2009 by SM Entertainment. The group had managed to achieve local as well as some international success. In July 2014, Sulli went on hiatus from the group. According to reports, it was due to ‘stress-related pain’ as there were rumors circulating about her personal life and this didn’t sit well with her. In August 2015, the star finally left the group for good as she wanted to focus more on her acting career. Therefore, she took a role in the superhero movie, Real, which was released in 2017. 

This summer, she also released her debut solo single titled Goblin. Sulli had a very controversial presence in the rather conservative Korean entertainment industry. There were times when the actor didn’t don a bra, a move that won her opprobrium and approval. On 21st July, she appeared in a show on Korean network and said that not wearing a bra was one’s freedom. She said that people talked about her a lot when she uploaded a picture without wearing one. 

She added that it could have frightened her, but she didn’t want to be afraid because she wanted more and more people to get rid of prejudices. She was also open when it came to her romantic relationships, which was quite rare. Therefore, she was often on the receiving end of homophobic remarks for kissing her best friend on the lips, Goo Ha-ra, another K-pop star, on her birthday. This year in April, Sulli accused her fans of ‘gaze-rape’ which was referred to as a newly coined term used to define excessive staring that made people feel violated. She used the term during an Instagram live stream, which showed her drinking with her pals. 

Another reason she was rather an anomaly in the Korean entertainment world was due to her candor in regard to mental health issues. She made an appearance in a reality TV show in 2018 in which she revealed that she had suffered from panic disorders since she was young. The star disclosed that she had been abandoned by the people closest to her. She said that it had caused her a lot of pain because there was no one to understand her. In her recent videos on Instagram, she had been crying and saying that she wasn’t a bad person. After her death, a number of K-pop fans have decried the online bullying and toxic fan culture that she was forced to face.  

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