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Friday, August 30, 2019

Therapeutic Effects of Music on Mood and Anxiety

Since inception, music has been there in one form or another. We all love music for its relaxing, soothing, and uplifting effects on our brains. Music therapy has always been there and was serving its purpose. In Ancient Greeks, soothing melodies were used to heal body and mind.

This therapy just did not have a distinct identity. Today, the therapeutic effects of music have been recognized. In addition, we acknowledge its vital impacting force for people suffering from depression and anxiety. It is important than ever to know its benefits because our hectic lifestyles are full of pressure. All these official and domestic pressures lead to escalating anxiety levels even in the most normal people.

Many people have already identified that music soothes their nerves. Personally, I too when stressed, tune in to some other music channel with my Spectrum double play and listen to the beat that lowers my stress levels.

Historical Examples of Music Therapy

Today, Native Americans use over 1500 songs solely for healing purposes. In both World Wars, veterans have been using music therapy to recover from physical and emotional trauma. In contemporary psychology, music therapy is used as an effective treatment for a good number of mental health conditions. Music therapy is used in:

    • Clinical psychology clinics.
    • Schools.
    • Nursing homes.
    • Hospitals.
    • Sanatorium Facilities.

Music helps in calming and reducing anxiety in traumatized patients.

What exactly is Music Therapy?

Harnessing the positive and healing effects of music to make a person relived of anxiety, depression, and other traumas are called music therapy. It also involves improving performance and motivation levels. Music therapists work distinctly with various individuals to help improve their focus, energy, communication, getting over various traumatizing experiences, and improving cognitive functioning.
The said therapeutic session involves an interactive music-making practice. The clients are encouraged to use musical instruments and their own voice to express and explore themselves. There are various forms and practices related to music therapy.

The Effects of Music on the Brain

Music is mystical. But it is not all dreams and shadows. It has some powerful healing effects and has scientific reasons behind them. It has its deep effects on the mind for many reasons. Music is a profound combination of various elements. Some of them are tempo, pitch, and dynamics. All these elements leave a strong effect on our behavior as well as physiology.

Also, fast, slow, instrumental, pop, rock, indie, and various other genres of music affect our minds differently. The scientists have been conducting researches and documenting the mystical yet healing effects of music.

Even if you do not believe in science, you know from your own experience that music activates your brain, improves your potential of doing things, and lightens your mood.

Create a Therapeutic Playlist of Your Own

You do not have to go to a professional therapist to benefit from the healing potential of music. You can create your own list of empowering and energizing music to make your performance, vibe, and mood better.

Notice how an uplifting beat or an energetic track can make you feel boosted during the morning workout. Observe how a romantic melody on a dinner date can make your feelings even tender. And how when you are sad, a melancholy track can make you feel sadder. We are already experiencing these effects of music without even realizing.

Therefore, if you have already witnessed positive and uplifting effects of a particular genre of music on yourself, you should create a selection of such songs on a playlist. This way you can combat stress, increase motivation, relax, and evoke inspiring and positive emotions.

Tips To Address Various Emotional States with Music Genres

    • Use familiar and uplifting music.
    • Familiar music is likely to evoke happy memories and lighten your mood.
    • There is no point listening to sad, melancholic music. It will demotivate you and make you feel           sad and drained.
    • Music is quite emphatic. So, pick relatable music.
    • Nicely blended melodies have better effects. So choose accordingly.
    • Listen to instrumental music because sometimes lyrics hinder imagination- you are focusing on           someone else’s story.

My kids, being from the new generation, are more into streaming their favorite music online and I want them to explore music genres. I have one of the Spectrum internet packages and a nice internet package, so they can easily make their playlists from the internet. Which by the way has all the contemporary music along with very old classics and other rare music genres. 


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