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Friday, April 5, 2019

Seven Worlds: A Song Whose Subtleties Hit You Strongly

Coming from an artist who has been creating and playing music since the age of 12, Roy Cohen, Seven Worlds is quite a treat to a listener’s ear. Cohenovich is the name of the band whose efforts have resulted in the creation of this beauty.

On This Song

On this indie alternative song, you will hear the guitars and vocals from Roy Cohen himself. This lyrical beauty has been written by Roy too. The best thing about the song is how well blended the sounds are. There are ups and downs in the songs but it never gets too loud or too quiet. The pace of the song is what you would often expect from bands like Pearl Jam and Anathema.

The Unique Aspect

The most amazing and unique part of the song is when a solo comes from Roy Cohen. You might not have heard a lot of guitar solos combined with sounds of trumpets in the back. Matt Classicbreeze does an amazing job of lifting the song along with the guitar solo and leading to a breakdown.

The Vocals

This is not one of the songs that you will listen to specifically for vocals. You won’t find any high note belting here. What you will find though is an intoxicating and morning voice that goes perfectly with the mood and feel of the song. Once you hear it, you will feel like singing it in Roy’s voice.

When to Hear

Music can give different people different feelings. Musical scales can also mean differently in different regions of the world. However, an overall feeling of the song makes it a perfect treat when you are having an evening tea while sitting in an open area, and maybe close to nature.

In the End

The song remains actively passive throughout without any unnecessary sounds and loudness. The tune is very strong and powerful as it can stick to your memory right after the first listen. The overall production of the song is impeccable. You can hear every instrument clearly. If you like alternative and rock songs, this Cohenovich song is going to be a perfect treat for you.

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