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Monday, February 25, 2019

DaDJ App- Stay Updated about your Favorite DJs

Are you interested in becoming a DJ? Do you want to keep track of your favorite DJs and know what events they will attend? In today’s technologically advanced world, you can find an app for pretty much anything. The DaDJ app, as the name indicates, is designed to be all things DJ. The purpose is to revolutionize the music industry and highlight the contributions that are made by DJs in the music world. It is a social platform that provides DJs with the opportunity of boost their visibility and showcase their skills by reaching out to their audience. It also empowers the audience to follow their favorite DJs, learn about new ones and get access to the latest music.

Daniel Zeiter, Joey Zeiter and Emiliano Qaqi are the founders of the DaDJ app and their aim was to offer a more personalized way for people and DJs to connect with each other. There are numerous features of the app that are highly appealing for the audience. First and foremost, they can follow their favorite DJs easily and discover what new remixes they will be coming up next. You will also know where they will be making an appearance and be able to know of many more party scenes. Regardless of which city you are in, you will be able to know where the latest party is being held and what DJs are appearing.

The DaDJ app also gives you the option of listening to the tracks by various DJs and you can also vote for your favorite songs. You can do this at events as well. If you are following a particular DJ, the app gives you the option of adding their events to your calendar so you will know where they will be playing live. Apart from that, you can also find track teasers of any upcoming songs and can share them with your friends as well.

Other than that, you can create a private group on the DaDJ app where you can message your friends within the app to discuss the latest events and decide where to socialize and hit the party scene. Feedback can also be given for events, which enables the DJ to understand your needs when it comes to events and upload songs accordingly. As far as DJs are concerned, they will also find the app immensely useful as it offers them a single platform where they can upload their tracks, communicate and connect with existing as well as new followers, promote their events and also get valuable feedback in real-time.

Even venues can take advantage of the DaDJ app as it can come in handy for promoting and advertising any upcoming events. Venues are able to diversify their genre, get ideas for new party themes and find a DJ with ease. The app can be downloaded free of cost on iOS devices and is constantly being updated to offer everyone, including the audience, DJs and venues the best possible features for their individual needs. 

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