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Monday, December 10, 2018

Refresh Your Mood with ‘Always On Time’ by Baltimore R&B Singer YannaMaria

The R&B and soul music genre is at the peak in the music landscape in terms of popularity, musicality, thoughtfulness and creativity. If not all but little credit goes to the ravishing and fiercely versatile singer-songwriter and princess of Austin Music Group YannaMaria, the Baltimore R&B singer. The shining vocal artist has literally redefined the genre with her talent. The single ‘Always On Time’ is now trending in different music streaming platforms including SoundCloud where she has also been the singer for the season. Yanna’s aura, her commitment and passion for music can be felt in the single. Her ability to entice listeners with the wordplay is something that is unparallel.

The single ‘Always On Time’ is a single from her upcoming EP ‘Meant to Be’. In this single Yanna goes romantic and speaks about why it feels awesome to share a cosy relation with the partner. The relation between is lovers is extremely passionate and the time spent together just makes one feel good. Yanna’s voice is, of course, the USP of the single. The track truly deserves five stars. If you have not yet tuned to the single in SoundCloud, head over to the gala and get engrossed to the single to evoke the deepest emotion.
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