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Friday, November 16, 2018

Top Radio Songs – A Tempting Collection to Cherish

Top radio songs actually make a chart of tracks that have been most popular in a specific span of time on radio station throughout the country across all music genres. This year, we witness many stars such as Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor giving a powerful comeback with their hit tracks. Likewise, the success of “Youngblood” shows the continued influence of radio in driving new tracks to most charts including those designated to list top radio songs of the year. With this song, the pop-leaning punk band “5 Seconds of Summer”, appeared to be transforming themselves from art to bubbly guitars and smooth musical production.

When it comes to the top radio songs of 2018, it is undeniable that there have been numerous hot tracks wherein artists put lots of effort to stay ahead in the competition. Considering the undeniable importance of this genre of songs, we have made the list of top radio songs of the year that consist of 10 top-notch tracks from some of the best stars of the year.

1. “Better Now” – Post Malone

Taken from Post Malone’s new latest album “Beersongs and Bentleys”, this song has successfully gained huge popularity. Besides reaching at number 5 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, “Better Now” is one of the top radio songs of the year which also received Platinum certification from RIAA. Written in the collaboration of Frank Dukes, Louis Bell, Bily Walsh, and Post Melone himself, the song tells us about a post-breakup situation of a duo. It reveals how they are regretting the breakup and want to convince themselves that they can live a better life without each other.

2. “Happier” – Marshmello & Bastille

“Happier” feels like crazy as you listen to its lyrics. It recalls many things that have happened in lives of many people such as unhealthy relationships and other unpleasant situations. Its video amazingly captures the real essence of a young lady and her golden retriever which she receives as a birthday present. Through “Happier”, the singer wanted to capture the pain that one can feel when they lose somebody really important whether it is a human or pet. All-in-all, the song is worth more than just giving it a single glance. Marshmello along with Bastille has outdone himself on this song, driving it to the race of top radio songs of the year.

3. “Wide Awake” – Parquet Courts

As a great addition to our top radio songs chart, “Wide Awake” has impressive lyrics about some blend of social hyper-consciousness and irritating insomnia. Parquet Courts goes funky with his matchless indie rock style and sounds like a mental innovation instead of a hyper musical episode.

4. “Body Count” – Jessie Reyez

Jessie Reyez came up with her latest single “Body Count” earlier this year and instantly grabbed the listeners, pulling them straight into a singer’s unique world. The song has simple and punchy lines that go well with guitar and other musical instrumental. All in all, “Body Count” has light and casual confidence of the singer, giving it a special ovation in top radio songs of the year.

5. “In My Blood” – Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes has been in news with his new digital solo “In My Blood” which has been an obvious part of top radio songs being streamed these days. His goal was to create something that is real and rare as he thinks that this is the only way they can step up and get better. So, “In My Blood” is a rare kind of songs which expresses singer’s personal battle with anxiety, depressions, and loneliness.

6. “Love Lies” – Khalid & Norani

The meeting of two most promising music artists is simply dynamic which could be better perceived from their BBMAs boiling performance. Khalid has always been playing the reliable role, priming his co-singer for single breakout moment. He also coaxes her to reveal her true self over a hypotonic guitar tune. And “Love Lies” is what we just have described.

7. “Top Off” – DJ Khalid ft. Future & Beyonce

“Top Off” is one of those top radio songs that have dropped plenty of fire, garnering the most attention of the listeners. DJ Khalid in collaboration with Beyonce, Future, and Jay Z has returned to a unique approach, making the song a little more tiresome. That doesn’t mean that “Top Off” is not cool listening to as it is just like the song plays out like a devil child of “Shinning”.

8. “No Excuses” – Megan Trainor

After a pretty long hiatus, Megan Trainor is back with her latest single “No Excuses” which has been successfully secured a place in top radio songs this year. The song has several empowering messages which can be better undermined with its captivating video. She has made the track pretty simple wherein she called out a would-be- the best suitor for the insolent way that is chasing her.

9. “Say Something” – Justin Timberlake ft. Chris Stapleton

“Say Something” is one of the most awaited songs that finally released this year, revealing a special and instant-classic performance. Justin Timerlake’s pop collaboration with Chris Stapleton’s country music made this song instant classis piece. The vocals of both the stars shine and best complement each other. “Say Something” is a complete version of Timberlake style that has been accessible till this point of time.

10. “Breath in”- Ariana Grande

This is one of the top radio songs that listeners love to listen to every time it is streamed on the radio. Ariana Grande’s Breath in is perhaps the least helpful advice of the year to deal with anxiety. This solo is taken from her latest album “Sweetener” which is full of pop music and radiates with low-key pleasure and newfound love. In fact, her song “Breath in” is one of those songs that have been centered on discovering something that defines her persona. Since tragedy has a way to reveal one’s true self, the star finally lets herself just take things as they arrive.

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