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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Enjoy The Real Music Temptation With Top Hit Songs Of 2018

They come and become popular. I always wonder how some stars manage to create that single 5-minute of fame and continue to sustain it longer. They help us realize the hard work that those artists do to get their work into top hit songs and still manage to churn up success after success.
My listing of top hit songs of the 2018 includes those songs which are in all fairness of their artists and really pleasant listening to.

1. “Can’t take a Joke” – Drake

With a fascinating music album which is full of revelations, Drake has come with something the most startling presentation this year. “Can’t take a joke” boasts about his rap skills, making it a possible nomination for several awards. The song feels like astonishing on a level, offering a curious insight into some of the most successful singers of Drake’s era.

2. “Believe” – Amen Dunes

Another amazing number from this year’s top hit songs, “Believe” is one of my favorites too. Amen Dunes with his new presentation seemed like talking about his personal journey toward love and acceptance. It’s a six minute record that is littered with slightly romantic verses that give listeners the sensation of spying on a conversation between the singer and his mother in the hospital room.

3. “Bloom” – Troye Sivan

“Bloom” from Troye Sivan’s latest album exhibits a stylish kind of vulnerability. It’s a pleasantly warm and delicate pop song which reveals a lot about the Australian singer. He, of course, has all the attributes viewers want to look for in a modern day’s star though he is a gay and has no shame for it. “Bloom” can be best described as something you rarely notice accompanying with male pop singers, such as transparency, vulnerability, and flimsiness. It reveals about certain experiences that are common for young gays at present time but look completely transgressive in a broader pop context. Overall, the song is a good addition to this year’s top hit songs.

4. “Bag” – Future ft. Yung Bans

Taken from Future’s new album Superfly, “Bag” is one of the top hit songs of the year. It has several smooth productions attached to it. The song features Yung Bans, handling the choir and opening verses. He raps about the worst bitches and get the bag just as the title shows. Future seems to have followed the same way wherein he boasts his extraordinary lifestyle and his experience of falling in love with the band members. “Bag” is a catchy track which demonstrates good chemistry between both the starts. Both the stars shined bright on their contributions, hanging their ways through the song with sly manner throughout.

5. “Hate the Real Me” – Future

It’s a real surprise on top hit songs of the year since it is nothing more than a haunting illumination of its singer’s darkest thoughts. “Hate the Real Me” has a winning and decisive feeling which exceptionally goes with the lyrics, giving it a little of doubt and confidence at the same time. Future has lamented his tormentors one by one whether it’s his drug addiction, his romantic struggles or his first song’s recording. Nonetheless, the heart of “Hate the Real Me” lies in its choir where after strengthening through a mental disorder, the singer moves to a foreseeable surviving tool for recovery.

6. “Happy Without Me” – Chloe, Halle Bailey ft. Joey Badass

“Happy Without Me” has an obvious standing in Halle and Chole’s debut album “The Kids Are Alright” because of a reason. It pleasantly brings all the sheen of whimsy associated to high school life. The song also features Joey Badass who with the lead duo unfolds a love story of a school going couple. Its lyrics exhibit varying scenes of flirting and an unhappy ending of a relationship with an expected maturity.

7. “Lemon Glow” – Beach House

Unlike Beach house’s previous album “Thank Your Lucky Stars” which felt more like a natural fruition of the lush sound of the duo, their first single “Lemon Glow” feels like a new direction for them. The band has come with subtle changes to their unique sound that indicates a different perfecting of their naturally soft edges. It’s a track of thrilling intimacy and a wheezing chorus to an emotive connection. The duo sings about their lover with brand-new naivety and lyrical transparency above a bed of their symbolic ideas and barrel instrument. As the pure propulsion, “Lemon Glow” is worth mentioning in top hit songs of the year.

8. “Missing U” – Robyn

The Swedish singer Robyn gave a successful comeback with a big sad number on the dance floor. She has long been obsessed on the future and often appeared to have caught its very essence through her songs. With “Missing U”, she comes out of her traditional styles, releasing it along with other tracks in installments. Her experiment impressively drove almost all of her best songs to the success, giving them an ovation in top hit songs of the year. Featuring Klas Ahlun, “Missing U” itself is an emotional story about her association with her fans.

9. “Get Up 10” – Cardi B

Cardi B’s “Invasion of Privacy” arrived as an unreasonably emotional, wildly funny, and warmly personal façade of its artist. Many of songs from the album tell numerous parts from her life’s story with a few high-profile guest artists like Kehlani. “Get Up 10” is the opening song on her album which was co-written by Jordan Thorpe and Cardi B. It uncovers how the rapper chronicled her rise to fame from working at a small club in New York to her first recording in the music studio. Overall, it is an empowering musical documentary declaration of the singer which also secured a matchless reputation in top hit songs of the year.

10. “Hot Pink” – Let’s Eat Grandma

“Hot Pink” emerges as a natural collaboration of the band’s artists where they tease out the way femininity is supposed in a men-prioritized culture. Its lyrics seemed to have exaggerated the feminine qualities through their music to the point where it surprises many listeners. Let’s Eat Grandma seek to bristle at those females who might suggest their feminineness weakens their powers.

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