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Monday, August 20, 2018

Nick Cannon Planning to Become a Professor

The American rapper/comedian is planning on continuing his higher education so he can acquire a doctorate and can finally become a professor.
The entertainer is a current student at Harvard University in Washington D.C., where he is working for his bachelor’s degree. However, the rapper says that his school will not end once he graduates. He is hoping to use his higher education to give back to his community.
He told a columnist, Allison Kugel, that he would like to do more work in the community and will probably become a professor.
The idea of teaching others what he has learned really appealed to Nick although he still has not decided what he would like to study for his Ph.D.
He revealed that he is studying criminology at the moment, but he’s also in the School of Divinity and in the School of Communications. He also says that he considers himself to be an expert on media and media content.
The 37-year-old singer shared that people ask a lot about him writing a book. To that, he replied that he is not quite ready for a book because it would just become another one of those celebrity memoirs. He is fine with it, but he feels that he has much more to offer other than to tell people his biography.
A for now he is just gathering a wealth of knowledge but he said that he will really have something to say once he develops the skills he is researching.

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