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Monday, August 13, 2018

Lisa Marie Presley Breaks Down in Tears

In recent news, Lisa Marie Presley decided to record a duet with her deceased father, in an attempt to feel closer to him.
Keeping in mind the late singer’s love for gospel music, his daughter was brought in to record the title track, Where No One Stands Alone, for a new compilation album.
Lisa recalls that she was just nine years old when her father, the great rock and roll legend, Elvis Presley passed away back in 1997. Making the decision to produce the new album was easy for his daughter as she reminisced about her earlier years when Elvis would sing the songs to her. Lisa later confessed that album brought back fond memories of her childhood, ones that she did not want to forget.
In an interview, the legend’s daughter revealed that her father had a special connection with gospel music. It did not matter where he was, or whatever he was doing, he could be heard crooning the tunes to himself or to whoever who would listen.
Referring to the song, Lisa explained that the song has reminded her of happier times with her father. The memories of her youth have been her rock in these tough times, as she is forced to explore the waves of grief by herself.
Though the artist says that she had prepared herself to go down the memory lane, she had not expected to break down into a pool of tears. The lyrics about loneliness in the song, had hit a sensitive nerve causing Lisa to lose her cool while recording.
Producer Joel Weinshanker recounted the incident stating that he was surprised to see Lisa with tears in her eyes as he had never known her to lose her composure, even for a second. He further added that everyone in the studio could be seen shedding tears along with the late singer’s daughter.
Lisa was quite open about being overwhelmed with the emotions in the song. She shared that between her battle over custody of her two twin daughters and divorce with her husband, Michael Lockwood, and a suspected financial crisis, Lisa has never felt the need for her father’s guidance more than she does right now.
After separating from Lockwood in 2016, Lisa admitted to recently being in debt totaling $16 million as part of divorce proceedings. Furthermore, the singer continues to fight another lawsuit against Barry Seigel, her former manager, whom she believes mismanaged her $100 million fortune.

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