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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Dua Lipa Speaks Out Against Controversial Article

The New Rules singer has taken it upon herself to stand up against media outlets that continue to criticize women and thus, pitting them against each other. Such articles have provoked widespread passive aggressive competitions between various singers. She was furious about the article that appeared in a local New York paper, back in 2003 containing claims that Beyonce lacks the musical prowess that her alleged rival in the industry, Ashanti, possesses.
Lipa posted a screenshot on Twitter of the article that highlighted Ashanti’s top hits back in 2002, inclusive of What's Luv? by Fat Joe and Ja Rule's Always on Time. However, not long after the Article appeared, Beyonce went on to becoming a well established and successful singer with five Grammy Awards under her belt. Angered by the comparison between two equally talented singers, Dua referred to the article to represent how even in the 21st Century, women are pitted against each other.
The singer pointed out in her tweet that such comparisons are often only directed towards female artist and hence, lower their morale, as a result of which their creativity takes a hit. Furthermore, Dua claimed that without such open criticism against women, in the music industry and all around the world, they would prove to be unstoppable.
The One Kiss hitmaker has been known to frequently speak on social media in favor of women, encouraging and motivating. Her songs too contain references of feminism, every now and then.
Mere weeks before this outburst, the 22-year old raged against articles on social media that she believed were allegedly targeting successful, established women after her innocent mistake online. Furious, Dua spoke that women are first built up, their image perfected down to a tee, only to be picked apart, and brought down. She urged women to not pay attention to hate, and follow their dreams.

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