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Monday, July 2, 2018

Drake on His Way to Claiming Second Number 1 Album

This week, thanks to his new album Scorpion, Drake is pretty much on his way to achieve Official Chart domination. This information has been released by the Official Charts Company. The fifth record of the singer and rapper is leading the way in today’s UK Official Chart Update as the most downloaded and streamed album of the week up until now. Streaming services including Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify report that the singer has also succeeded in smashing one-day streaming records all over the globe.
The album has not yet received a physical release, but it is a fact that Scorpion is definitely edging out fierce competition it is getting from High as Hope, the new album by Florence + The Machine. Currently, Florence is less than one thousand copies behind Drake at the Number 2 spot. Previously, all three of the London songwriter-singer’s albums have managed to reach the Number 1 spot.
As far as the Official Singles chart for this week is concerned, three of the singles from Scorpion are on their way to debuting within the Top 5. Nonstop is the most popular at the Number 2 spot, which is followed by Don’t Matter to Me, the Michael Jackson collaboration at Number 3 and the Number 5 spot is claimed by Emotionless.
On the Official Albums Chart Update, the Number 4 spot has been claimed by Gorillaz thanks to their new record The Now Now. The Number 6 spot belongs to the remastered 1987 classic album by Guns N’ Roses called Appetite for Destruction, which had a special boxset release. Gravity, the sixth album by Bullet for My Valentine is at the Number 7 spot and the Number 8 spot belongs to Both Directions at Once- The Lost Album by John Coltrane. These are all heading to the Top 10 debut.

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