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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Fancomp- Compensating Fans and Artists Alike

Would artists really be where they are without the support and dedication of their fans? Probably not. You cannot be anything without your audience and this is the principle that has formed the basis of FanComp Empire. This online network platform has been developed for providing financial compensation to the fans.

FanComp Empire brings the fans into the deal when it comes to selling and promoting intellectual property for profit. The profit is divided into three categories; the first for the artist themselves, second is the money pool for one lucky fan and the last is for FanComp.

Fans make huge contributions to the development achievement and success of the artists and FanComp is aimed at compensating them for their devotion. Sure, the talented performers are able to afford a lavish and beautiful lifestyle and they do deserve it because they work tirelessly for getting there. However, it is also a fact that the fans deserve some fair compensation and a bit more gratitude because the paying fans help the artists reach their peak. Therefore, any true artist would acknowledge their fans because they depend on them for success.

Issues such as piracy has had a negative impact on both the artists and the fans and FanComp works at fixing this issue. Artists upload their work on the website and every time a piece of intellectual property is sold, they are paid for doing so.

A portion of the profit is also added to the pool and one lucky fan will receive the accumulated sum if the serial numbers on their receipt is chosen. They get this receipt by purchasing the artist’s intellectual property.

This upcoming, one-of-a-kind social media business platform is definitely a game-changer, which recognizes the importance of fans and compensates them for their efforts. FanComp operates within the parameters of the law and it is quite safe and reliable. 

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