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Thursday, March 22, 2018

War Gods of the Deep – ‘Robots, Rockets & Rampage’ EP Punches Out Potent Metal Review

War Gods of the Deep recently dropped a new EP, called Robots, Rockets & Rampage. The band’s name immediately conjures up memories of a wildly crazy Vincent Price ruling over an underwater kingdom full of immortal pirates and slimy monsters in the 1965 movie of the same name. But it’s not. This War Gods of the Deep is a heavy metal/rock band whose influences include Kiss, Queen, Van Halen, Metallica, Def Leppard and a host of other ’80s heavy metal bands.

This War Gods of the Deep definitely has it going on.

Potent Compositions

The band’s sound revolves around heavy distorted guitars, hammer-of-the-gods drumming, and song structures ranging from polished and melodious to muscular and reckless. The result is potent compositions with Jovian oomph.

Robots, Rockets & Rampage contains three tracks. “Vasnetsov” opens with down-and-dirty guitars and chanting voices flowing into a thick, darkly energized hard metal groove. Aching guitar chords plaster the atmosphere with growling buzzsaw colors, while the pulsing rhythm throbs with supercharged relentless dynamics. Buff, ground-zero vocals give the music a menacing flavor. The muscularity of the tune is vaguely reminiscent of Metallica – thrumming, thumping and dominant.

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